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A Bachelor of Science degree program with a concentration in pre-dentistry can provide a solid academic background for dental school. A science major can ...

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No specific undergraduate major is required for students pursuing dental school; however, many dental schools require that applicants complete science ...

Undergraduate Degree Requirements to Become a Dentist ...


Prospective dentists need a strong foundation of undergraduate studies to prepare for the rigorous classes awaiting them. Each dental program sets its own  ...

Undergraduate | School of Dentistry | The University of Manchester


Learn all about undergraduate study at the School of Dentistry at The University of Manchester.

UW Undergraduate Advising: Dentistry


Although most dental schools don't require a bachelor's degree, it is highly ... ways, including taking a test preparatory course, or by purchasing study materials  ...

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One common entry requirement is that you complete at least two years of undergraduate studies at a college or university. You should be aware that some  ...

Dental Degree Programs: Become a Dentist or Dental Assistant


A strong foundation in the sciences is useful for those studying for a dental degree because most programs focus on ... There are also undergraduate dental degrees, such as: ... Do I Have to Have a Master's Degree to Become a Dentist?

Dentistry Preprofessional Program | Undergraduate Admissions ...


At the University of Iowa, dentistry is a professional degree program that requires ... Surgery (DDS) program at the end of their first year of undergraduate study, ...

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Most dental schools require some prior university study, including a strong background in the sciences. Carleton's undergraduate science programs are ...

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Glasgow Dental Hospital & School is located in the centre of Glasgow with up-to- date facilities for patient care, student clinical practice and training, and ...

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Biology primarily studies life and its processes. ... A bachelor's degree in chemistry may also be useful to aspiring dentists, as these programs fulfill dental school ...

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Each dental school has its own list or prerequisites. Make sure you research and understand them before advancing too far in your undergraduate studies.

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Pre-Professional Studies, study Pre-Dentistry at Marquette University.