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P-waves are a type of body wave, called seismic waves in seismology, that travel through a ... The name P-wave can stand for either pressure wave as it is formed from .... The motion and behavior of...

Longitudinal and Transverse Wave Motion


There are two basic types of wave motion for mechanical waves: longitudinal ... The following animations were created using a modifed version of the ... The P waves (Primary waves) in an earthquake are examples of Longitudinal waves.

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These waves are defined by the type of motion of a particle in the path of the wave. ... The velocity of P and S waves generally increases with depth in the earth which ... The transmission of compressional waves is due to the strong electronic ...

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Earthquake shaking and damage is the result of three basic types of elastic waves. ... Its motion is essentially that of S waves that have no vertical displacement; ...

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characteristic movement: P waves are compressive and travel ... See Types of Seismic Waves. ... Compression—fractional decrease of volume due to pressure.

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Seismic waves radiate from a movement in the earth's crust and can cause damage. Learn about the types of seismic waves: Body and Surface wave. ... The seismic waves created as they move from the epicentre an earthquake vary. What is ... Body waves are of two types: compressional or primary (P) waves and shear or ...

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P waves, also called compressional waves or primary waves, move through ... P waves. particle motion parallel. to wave motion. direction of wave motion. next.

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Apr 7, 2016 ... Just as this impact sets waves in motion on a quiet pond, so an .... Other wave types can be generated inside the Earth by P and S waves, ...

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Jul 21, 2007 ... There are three basic types of seismic waves – P-waves, S-waves and ... In this case, particle motion is perpendicular to the direction of wave ...

Analyzing the Types of Waves Produced by Earthquakes


Analyzing the type of waves produced by earthquakes. Comparing S and P waves recorded on a seismogram. ... Students learn about P and S waves. ... The particle motion in shear waves is perpendicular to the direction of the wave.

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... (fluid) is subject to compression, the P waves can travel through any kind of material. ... S waves are transverse waves which involve movement of the ground  ...

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The first kind of body wave is the P wave or primary wave. ... Confined to the surface of the crust, Love waves produce entirely horizontal motion. ... Most of the shaking felt from an earthquake is due to the Rayleigh wave, which can be much  ...

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Figure 1: House Shake Motion. A: P waves, or compressional waves, are seismic body waves that shake the ground back ... tells us what type of seismic wave arrived. Though .... Compression—fractional decrease of volume due to pressure.