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Motion in United States law


In addition, most jurisdictions allow for time for the movant to file reply papers ... Depending upon the type of motion and the jurisdiction, the court may simply ...

Pre-Trial Motions | USAO | Department of Justice


One of the last steps a prosecutor takes before trial is to respond to or file motions . A motion is an application to the court made by the prosecutor or defense ...

Pretrial Hearings and Motions - FindLaw


Prosecutors and defense attorneys can file any number of pre-trial motions that. ... This section describes some of the different types of pre-trial motions and ...

Pretrial Motion to Dismiss: Ending a Criminal Case - Lawyers.com


Do It Yourself Legal Forms .... A pretrial motion is a request of the judge made before trial; the lawyer asks the judge to make a particular ruling on ... The prosecution will file a response explaining why the judge shouldn't dismiss the case.

The Strategic Use of Pre-Trial Motions - Office of the State Public ...


A. Prior to determining what motions to file, you must arrive at a “trial plan.” a. ... statements the prosecutor makes during hearings on motions to the effect ... inconsistencies, testing witnesses to determine what kind of cross-examination is most.

Criminal Procedure and Motions during Criminal Trials | Lawfirms.com


Before a trial, a slew of motions may be filed by the defense, which may ... the prosecutor to detail all charges, as well as the reason for filing these charges ...

Criminal Defense Motion Practice


If the trial court does invoke the Article 28.01 procedure, the defendant must ... Start a motion file in your pretrial practice notebook when you open the case. .... the Complete Manual of Criminal Forms can be found under the indentifier CMCRF.

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In some cases the prosecutor can later file another complaint against the .... Motion for new trial If the defendant is convicted following a jury trial, a new trial may ...

Speedy Trial | Criminal Justice Section


(a) take account of the relative seriousness and complexity of different types of ... (d) Provision should be made for the court to determine, on motion of the ... charging instrument is filed by the prosecution in place of the original charge, then:

Rule 12. Pleadings and Pretrial Motions | Federal Rules of Criminal ...


(A) a motion alleging a defect in instituting the prosecution ; , including: ... under 18 U.S.C. §3142 for a specified time until a new indictment or information is filed. .... In cases in which defendant wishes to know what types of evidence the ...

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Q: What type of motion is filed after contempt finding?
A: A motion for an arrest warrant. Read More »
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Q: What types of motions have been filed so far by the attorneys for...
A: Some attorneys asked for a change of venue for the trials of their clients. But those requests rarely are granted in the military, which prides itself on being ... Read More »
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Q: The prosecutor filed for rule 35 motion on behalf of my husband,i...
A: Technically in Criminal law in Texas, there is no Rule 35. Rule 11 and other Texas Rules of Civil Procedure sometimes sneak into Criminal practice, but TRCP Rul... Read More »
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Q: What type of motion shoud I file?
A: I agree that a visit to the courthouse would probably be beneficial. Also, the forms available online from the state judiciary website are usually helpful, so i... Read More »
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Q: What type of motion needs to be filed after the tenants failed to...
A: It will not be relevant to your motion. You need to file Contempt of Court. Read More »
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