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The history of string theory spans several decades of intense research including two .... The revolution was started by a discovery of anomaly cancellation in type I string theory via the Green–...

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String theory is a term used to describe a set of very closely related mathematical models of elementary particles and their interactions. String theories seek to ...

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String theory combines the two theories by assuming there are multiple universes and dimensions ... He co-founded string field theory, a subset of string theory.

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Kaluza and Klein made this discovery independently of each other. ... String theory using closed strings fails to describe hadronic physics because the spin 2  ...

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String theory was discovered in the 1960's by theorists working to understand the plethora of hadronic and mesonic particles which had been found around that ...

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String theory developed over several decades through the combined efforts of multiple ... What is superstring theory? ... Where can nuclear energy be found? Q:  ...

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In all versions of String Theory there are 10 dimensions: "Time" plus the usual three spatial dimensions x,y,z (4 dimensions, our observable universe) plus six ...

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The history of string theory is not one of continuous progress along a clear direction. ... developed before string theory, but find a natural home alongside strings. ... Very few people worked on it and those who did found it very hard to get jobs.

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Mar 26, 2014 ... The book deals with the history of string theory, beginning with its origins ... What should one make of the significance of the discovery by Green ...

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Jun 17, 2016 ... String Theory “revolutionized” mathematics and physics by demonstrating a ... “ We need a theory that goes before the Big Bang, and that's String Theory. ... Atheists love to refuse the fact that modern science was founded by ...