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His achievements include improvements to the telescope and consequent ... Galileo also worked in applied science and technology, inventing an improved .... and the works of the Renaissance artists, ...

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But the telescope was not the invention of scientists; rather, it was the product of ..... and Milan: New Documents," Renaissance Quarterly 29(1976):341-360.

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Telescope. Using the idea of the microscope to guide him, Hans Lippershy of Middleberg decided to invent the telescope in 1608. Lippershy thought that if a ...

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The first mechanical clock was invented in the early 1300's. With this ... In 1608 a Dutch eyeglass maker named Hans Lippershey made the first telescope.

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Galileo Galilei did not invent the telescope but was the first to use it ... Another worthwhile site is The Art of Renaissance Science: Galileo and Perspective.

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New inventions, Social and cultural change, Renaissance and Reformation, SOSE: ... The invention of the telescope sparked an entire scientific revolution; from ...

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However, like the invention of the microscope, there is some debate as to who invented telescope. The practical exploitation of the instrument was certainly ...

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The most important invention of the Renaissance, and perhaps in the history of ... Both the microscope and the telescope were invented during the Renaissance.

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Early depiction of a 'Dutch telescope' from the “Emblemata of zinne-werck” ( Middelburg, 1624) of the poet and statesman Johan de Brune (1588-1658). The print ...

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The Renaissance was a cultural movement that took place in Europe during the period between 14th and 17th ... 1608 First refracting telescope was invented by.

Popular Q&A
Q: Who invented the telescope in renaissance?
A: Galileo Galilei. Read More »
Q: Who invented the first telescope during the Renaissance?
A: The first person that invented the first telescope during the renaissance time was galileo. hope this helped : Read More »
Q: Who invented the first telescope?
A: Hans Lippershey. In Holland, a man named Hans Lippershey first developed the idea of using a lens to greatly magnify objects. This occurred in the year 1608. Ga... Read More »
Q: Who recreates the telescope during the renaissance?
A: In 1668 Isaac Newton improved the telescope by adding mirrors inst... Read More »
Q: Who invented the telescopic lens?
A: A German named Hans Lipperhey invented the telescopic lens and telescope in 1608 Read More »