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A nomogram also called a nomograph, alignment chart or abaque, is a graphical calculating device, a two-dimensional diagram designed to allow the ...

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a graph with several scales arranged so that a straightedge laid on the graph intersects the scales at related values of the variables; the values of any two ...

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Nov 23, 2014 ... A nomogram (from Greek νόμος nomos, "law" and γραμμή grammē, "line"), also called a nomograph, alignment chart or abaque, is a graphical ...

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The simplest nomogram doesn't even need a straight-edge in order to read it. If the equation only has two variables, the nomogram only needs a single line.

Nomogram for interpreting diagnostic test results (Likelihood ratio)


Nomogram for interpreting diagnostic test results (Likelihood ratio). To use the nomogram, draw a straight line from the patient's Pre-test Probability of disease ...

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'in calculating dosage we encourage the use of a nomogram that takes account of age, sex, renal function, and body weight'. More example sentences.

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Definition of Nomogram: Chart with three or more parallel (straight or concentric) lines so calibrated and aligned that a straightedge (such as a ruler or cursor) ...

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Welcome! Modern Nomograms offers eye-catching and useful graphical calculators uniquely designed for today's applications. If you appreciate these ingenious ...

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nomogram is designed to solve a specific equation in one step. Although ... Figure 2shows the basic parallel-scale nomogram for calculating a value f3(w) as the ...

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Our prostate cancer nomograms are prediction tools designed to help patients and their physicians understand the nature of their prostate cancer, assess risk ...

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Nomogram definition, a graph, usually containing three parallel scales graduated for different variables so that when a straight line connects values of any two, ...

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a graphic representation that consists of several lines marked off to scale and arranged in such a way that by using a straightedge to connect known values on  ...

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Example. The doctor has ordered an antibiotic whose average adult dose is 250 mg per day. What would the dosage for this medication be on a child who has a ...