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Common house gecko


The common house gecko, scientific name Hemidactylus frenatus (not to be confused with the .... Geckos are considered poisonous in many parts of the world.

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Do you have tiny, unwanted, gecko guests in your home? One sign is their ... Be aware, though, that Borax is highly toxic to humans and pets! Helpful? Get Rid of  ...

Why You Should Never Trust a Gecko - Fearful Adventurer


May 11, 2012 ... Here's why I can no longer trust geckos … ... i see them.guys dont trust wall geckos they are up to something and they seem dangerous to me.

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Jun 18, 2011 ... Small, immature geckos can be captured and killed indoors. Remember, geckos are not harmful! They do not bite or scratch or attach humans.

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Is a gecko bite dangerous if a child, seven years of age, is bitten? What is the treatment if a child is bitten? Well, I am not a human medical doctor, so I can only  ...

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Dec 25, 2013 ... I would stop using the poison and just let the gecko eat the roaches and am wondering what I should .... This would be harmful to your gecko.

The Myth About Wall Geckos - Culture - Nigeria - Nairaland


Wall Geckos!!! Ugh I naturally find them disgusting. I hear a lot about them but I don't know if these are true. For example when I was a little girl, ...

How to Get Rid of Geckos: Effective Removal in All Situations


It is a non-toxic, safe and reliable way to trap geckos inside the house. The product includes the bait made of the gecko's favorite food and flavor. After enough ...

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Oct 2, 2014 ... Geckos are any of the species of lizards that belong to the taxonomic ... Some species have tails that shoot poisonous liquids out of the ends. [2].

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Sep 5, 2008 ... please does anyone know what i can use to poison the geckos in my ... even their droppings is poisonous and I have a toddler in the house.

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Q: Are gecko's harmful to humans?
A: No, geckos are not harmful to humans. If anything, they are beneficial to humans because they eat some mosquitoes. Read More »
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Q: Are gecko's harmful to humans?
A: Answer No, geckos are not harmful to humans. If anything, they are beneficial to humans because they eat some mosquitoes. Read More »
Source: wiki.answers.com
Q: Would taking a photo of a gecko harm it?
A: I'm pretty sure even the flash won't kill your gecko. It'll be fine. Read More »
Source: answers.yahoo.com
Q: Will smoking near a Leopard Gecko harm it?
A: If smoking near a person harms them, why wouldn't it harm a 50x smaller animal? lol. but really. it probably will, especially if you do it repeatedly. Death is ... Read More »
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Q: Are any geckos harmed in the making of the Geico commercials?
A: Absolutely not! The commercials state that the geckos ar... Read More »
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