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Jan 20, 2013 ... That's to say that you can only ever do a curly perm on 100% virgin unprocessed ... guanidine hydroxide) and even though many people use the term 'perm' when ... As such black hair tends to experience excessive breakage after a curly perm, ... Want long healthy natural hair but don't know how to get it?

Apr 7, 2013 ... So I decided to act on my bright Idea of giving myself a curly perm and ... I'm sorry I don't get why you would put a damaging chemical on to ...


Can A Black Person Get A Curly Perm And Use The Same Perm Products That White People ... I use the hair products that are targeted for use by Black women.


According to BlackHairInformation.com, it is possible, and even common, for black people to get curly perms. However, the process of creating curl in naturally  ...


Explore Curly Perm, Ethnic Hair, and more! Watches · Results · Curly Perm/Wave Nouveau Results .... 30 Natural Hair Protective Styles You Can Try Now [Gallery] .... Virgin Hair Extensions from www.acmehair.com Coupon Code: YY4D to get .... Bantu knots outs are phenomenal for natural, relaxed, locked, or women who ...


Technically a perm will not make your hair wavy or curly but straight. ... You can possibly get the results your looking for by using a regular relaxer and "watering ...


May 7, 2015 ... Perms and relaxers have been a long-time favorite of African ... Some say kinky hair is a gift – you can wear it in so many different ways, ... There is no way to get back the natural wave pattern, even if you let ... This is also called a “Jerry Curl,” or “texturizer,” and used by African American men and women to ...


Mar 31, 2014 ... We've got black girls with curls going for straight hair and white girls with straight hair going for the curly look - each of us trying to permanently alter. ... I was allowed to finally get my hair “permed”. ... During this last month of examining in jest what I can change about my various sources of ..... Women of Joy


This is why it tends to grow up rather than down and can make gravity ... Black hair, because it's curly, can be weaker than straighter hair. ... Perms, weaves, and extensions are all options for Black women, and sometimes simultaneously.


554 likes. Wave Nouveau Coiffure Experts: Body Wave/Curly Perm - The ultimate textural enhancers... ... to "virgin" hair. No relaxer can be present on the hair.