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Will my EBT card work in another state? | Yahoo Answers


Jul 15, 2008 ... So I'd like to know if I can use my EBT card while I'm up there? ... I called and asked my worker if they would work in another state and she said ...

Facts About SNAP | Food and Nutrition Service


Mar 14, 2016 ... We also send supplies of the pamphlet to State agencies to distribute. ... If you qualify for SNAP benefits, you will get them no later than 30 days from the .... EBT cards can be used like a debit card at most stores that sell food.

Restrictions on Use of Public Assistance Electronic Benefit Transfer ...


They can be used at any retail establishment that accepts debit cards and can ... 25 states have laws placing restrictions or prohibitions on the use of EBT cards.

EBT Card/Food Stamps out of state? - Mothering Forums


Nov 4, 2008 ... Will she be able to use her EBT card and access her food stamps in my ... Yes she can use them in any state, but sometimes there is a special ...

Can You Use Food Stamp Benefits Out of State? | eHow


In fact, SNAP is a federally-funded program, and EBT benefits cards can be used at participating stores in any of the 50 states. In addition, they can be used in ...

Can You Use a Bridge/EBT/Snap Card in Another State? – Eat Like ...


Feb 11, 2014 ... If you are someone that qualifies for food assistance whether it's called a bridge card, EBT card, or SNAP card you can use it in other states ...

Can I use my EBT card in another state? | savingtools.com


Many people who use an EBT card for food stamp benefits, such as the Lone Star Card in Texas, the Illinois Link Card, or the Florida EBT card have wondered if ...

Getting And Using SNAP Benefits - MassLegalHelp


benefits should be loaded onto the EBT card so you can go food shopping by Day 30. .... There is no limit on the number of times per month you can use your EBT card to buy ... the border in another state because the food is less expensive.

What can I buy with SNAP benefits and where can I shop ...


You can buy any edible food except hot foods prepared for eating immediately. ... You are allowed to use your EBT card to purchase food out-of-state at grocers ...

Virginia EBT - Electronic Benefit Transfer


How do I select my PIN? What do I do if my EBT card is lost, stolen, or damaged? Misuse of your Food Stamp benefits is a violation of state and federal laws.

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Can I use my EBT card in other states? | Reference.com


There are no rules preventing the use of an EBT card across state lines. The electronic benefits transfer card can be used at any food store in the United States ...

Can I use my electronic benefits transfer (EBT) card in another State?


Mar 2, 2010 ... Yes, SNAP benefits are interoperable through the use of your Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card which means you will be able to use your ...

How to Use Food Stamps (the SNAP Card) - For Dummies


Whether you call it food stamps, a SNAP card, or the EBT card, here are some ... You can't debit a higher amount than the cash register total and get cash back. ... Your EBT card is good in all 50 states, even though you may have enrolled in ... Any food stamp benefits that you don't use in one month will be carried over to the...