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Aug 15, 2013 ... Celery is just fine for guinea pigs to eat but there are certain considerations and things you might want to take note of before you feed it to your ...


Oct 23, 2016 ... A quick guide to feeding your Guinea Pig Celery and things to consider before doing so.


Feb 2, 2007 ... Not a week goes by that we don't get asked about feeding celery to guinea pigs. Or that we run across someone who is feeding too much celery ...

Feb 9, 2011 ... my sister and my guinea pigs eating celery!!!!!


Jun 10, 2012 ... When it comes to feeding your guinea pig, it can be difficult to know ... While it is true that guinea pigs can successfully eat celery, there are a ...

Sep 20, 2014 ... Yeah, if you can't guess we let them free for a couple of days in our backyard. # thuglyfe This was filmed a year ago when I was really weird.


May 7, 2017 ... Vegetables and Fruits Safe for Guinea Pigs To Eat – The Happy Cavy “Snack” List. Published: .... Remove the celery “veins” to prevent hazard.


Vegetables: Alfalfa, radish & clover sprouts. Basil Beet greens (tops)* Bok choy. Broccoli (mostly leaves/stems)* - 1 FLORET & STEM Brussels ...


Mar 4, 2012 ... We realized recently that there's a very common food we still haven't evaluated yet: celery! Celery is a food you can feel good about feeding to ...


Nov 13, 2015 ... Celery is one those vegetables that can be eaten in excess and it doesn't bring a single extra pound! Moreover, it is filled with vitamins and ...