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Can New Jersey Keep Its Rich Taxpayers From Fleeing? - Forbes


Mar 5, 2014 ... A wealth management firm looks at why New Jersey is losing wealthy taxpayers and what can be done about it.

N.J. has lost its wealthiest resident to Florida, report says | NJ.com


Mar 16, 2016 ... It's like you can keep your job here if you're willing to accept the ... Will the last taxpayer to flee the state, please turn off the lights. .... war on the rich and target them for higher taxes, the wealthy will out smart said politician. It's ...

Study: NJ's Budget Crisis Fueled by Exodus of Wealthy Residents ...


Mar 18, 2014 ... New Jersey lost 87,630 tax returns to other states between 2009 and ... some of the burden find themselves leaving, as well, because their ... States like New Jersey, New York and California are realizing too late that the rich can make .... Building a wall to keep taxpayers in but refusing to build a wall to ...

One top taxpayer moved, and New Jersey shuddered - CNBC.com


2 days ago ... Tax experts say his move to Florida could cost New Jersey — which has a ... Beyond the debate on taxing the rich, Mr. Tepper's move is a case study in ... new ways to monitor their top taxpayers and keep them from leaving.

This man could destroy New Jersey — by moving to Florida


Apr 10, 2016 ... One man could cause a budget crisis in New Jersey — by moving out of the state. ... rich want to protect their money just like you and I. Keep taxing the ... For most middle-class NJ taxpayers, the house is the biggest single store of wealth ... I am a NJ lifer, and have no illusions about ever escaping, so I have ...

One Top Taxpayer Moved, and New Jersey Shuddered - The New ...


4 days ago ... Tax experts say his move to Florida could cost New Jersey — which has a ... Beyond the debate on taxing the rich, Mr. Tepper's move is a case study in ... new ways to monitor their top taxpayers and keep them from leaving.

More expected to flee New Jersey as baby boomers age


Jan 13, 2015 ... Demographers predict that New Jersey will see a more significant loss of ... During a five-year stretch, from 2006 to 2011, the state lost more than 90,000 taxpayers — and $8 billion in ... Like so many others who are leaving New Jersey in droves, Francisco realized his dollars .... What would make you stay?

STEPHEN MOORE: Residents fleeing high-tax states - Washington ...


Apr 12, 2015 ... Residents of high-tax states are voting with their feet .... But day after day, the middle class keeps leaving. ... in the nation — California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Illinois ... The conclusion was that states should raise their income taxes on the rich to be more “fair. .... before we can stop them.

Tax Flight Is a Myth | Center on Budget and Policy Priorities


Aug 5, 2011 ... Low taxes can prevent a state from maintaining the kinds of ... High-profile critics of New Jersey's above-mentioned tax increase ... $1 million as evidence that wealthy residents were fleeing the state. ... Most people, rich and poor alike, are tied to their state of residence by job, family, friends, and community.

Study: Taxpayers fleeing from high-tax states | RedState


Sep 27, 2015 ... A study from ATR shows Americans are fleeing high-tax states. ... governors gained nearly 220,000 new taxpayers, who brought more .... If it's true, then only the rich will buy up the cheaper real estate but .... Now if they would just sift the voter rolls to keep those new Florida folks from voting in two places.

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Millionaire households fleeing N.J. by the thousands, study says | NJ ...


Jan 21, 2015 ... "If millionaires were truly trying to flee NJ's top income tax rate, we probably would .... We could stay, but with so many places to visit throughout the world, why stay in one place? ... If people leave a state to save on taxes, then their not rich. .... Taxpayers vote with their feet whenever the opportunity...

Can New Jersey Keep Its Rich Taxpayers From Fleeing? (Hoboken ...


So where will your stepdaughters move, and continue being an investment banker? the GM of the department store probably can move and ...

Super-rich Flee New Jersey - The American Interest


Apr 11, 2016 ... One billionaire at a time, New Jersey's tax base is slipping away. ... have more leeway to raise taxes and still hold on to their plutocrats, but are ... kill jobs and drive taxpayers away, and it isn't to slash services to the bone, either. ... innovative forms of service delivery that can do for other governme...