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From what I heard, two females are more likely to fight than two males, so you should be ok, but of course keep an eye on them to make sure that ...

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Two strange parakeets put together may not immediately form a bond, but over time they will ... tend to be territorial and are more likely to fight than a pair of males or a male and female pair. ... Can a Parakeet Survive After Their Partner Dies?

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Apr 26, 2014 ... two male budgies in a cage, very cute. ... The Male Budgie Will Imitate The Female's Call In Order To Impress Her. - Duration: 2:51.

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But what happens if you put two or more parakeets together? First off, parakeets are like all other living creatures. ... It can be male-male or female-female.

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... and at least one or two other pairs within ... Avoid these 3 things and your male and female will most likely live together happily ever ...

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Next, get a little cage for it, so it can have its own spot while the two birds get used to each ... And, once they're content living together, they'll be a 'flock' and will be happy! ... I have had male parakeets, female parakeets, and mixed groups .

Hi, I have three budgie parakeets, one female and two males.


Of course, the eggs are infertile and will never hatch, but they can still cause all the ... A combination of two males and one female in the same cage is a recipe for trouble. ... I hope you'll be able to come up with successful living arrangements.

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Almost any two parakeets will bond together if they have no alternative, so what may appear to be a breeding pair may just be two females or two males. Luckily ... pair together in a roomy cage, and give them time to get used to living together.

one of our two parakeets died yesterday. (cage, aggressive, budgie ...


one of our parakeets died. the other one is just so sad; won't eat, play with toys. chirps once in a ... I thought 2 males together is okay, but not 2 females. ... Two of any gender can be together, as long as they're compatable.

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If you are short on time and can't connect with your parakeet as frequently and ... only flourish with male cage mates as long as their living quarters are large. ... If you bring two female parakeets together, the effect you see may just be the polar  ...

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Oct 21, 2012 ... Male budgerigars can become best friends, even when they live together in the ... you would need two female budgies for two male budgies.

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Jun 19, 2013 ... This is not only a good back-up plan in case your budgies can't stand each other. If one (or ... An extra tip when putting two budgies together. On the day you .... Two girls and one male will cause a fight (girls can get jealous).