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Male budgies get along well together; they serenade one another, and usually ... This method will allow both parakeets to remain tame, and interact with you, ... of healthy foods and plenty of exercise will give your budgie the potential to live as ...

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Some parakeets that live by themselves take on strong bonds to their human ... It is also crucial to consider that opposite-sex birds can reproduce. ... In most situations, male parakeets get along famously, even developing loving ... If you bring two female parakeets together, the effect you see may just be the polar opposite.

Can I Put a New Parakeet in With Two I Already Have? - Pets


Parakeets are flock birds, so it's a good idea to keep two or more in the same cage. ... If you have a male and a female parakeet together, they may well become sexually active once they've reached ... How Long Can a Large Parrot Live?

one of our two parakeets died yesterday. (cage, aggressive, budgie ...


one of our parakeets died. the other one is just so sad; won't eat, play with toys. chirps once in a ... I thought 2 males together is okay, but not 2 females. ... Two of any gender can be together, as long as they're compatable.

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How do I know whether it's a male or female? ... How long do parakeets live? ... If there are two it can take a little longer, though I definitely recommend ..... [back] I have two parakeets and they sit next to eachother and rub their faces together.

Budgies are Awesome: Can male budgerigars live together?


Oct 21, 2012 ... Male budgerigars can become best friends, even when they live together in the ... you would need two female budgies for two male budgies.

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two parakeets Birds naturally live in flocks. ... Next, get a little cage for it, so it can have its own spot while the two birds get used to each other. It can be an ... And, once they're content living together, they'll be a 'flock' and will be happy! Note that ... I have had male parakeets, female parakeets, and mixed...

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Almost any two parakeets will bond together if they have no alternative, so what may appear to be a breeding pair may just be two females or two males. .... can be a wonderful hobby, but keep in mind that you're working with live animals. First ...

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"Parakeet" is simply a common term for a small parrot-type bird with a long tail. ... How long does a parakeet live? ... Two male or female Keets can live together.

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Jun 19, 2013 ... Budgies have a personality of their own, as any parakeet owner will surely ... After a day, move the two cages close together, place them next to each other. .... Two girls and one male will cause a fight (girls can get jealous).

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Aug 23, 2009 ... if your still worried about them not getting along, get two cages, place one in each and pt them next to each other, so they can get used to one ...

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Two strange parakeets put together may not immediately form a bond, but over time ... and are more likely to fight than a pair of males or a male and female pair.

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... at least one or two ... likely live together ...