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Understanding Probation: What It Is and How it Works ...


If you break a state law, you can be placed on probation. ... You need permission from both the state you want to leave, and the state you want to move to.

10 Things to Know Before Agreeing to Felony Probation


Apr 3, 2015 ... If you are on felony probation, you will need to meet regularly with a probation officer. ... You Can Violate Probation without Breaking Another Law ... your probation will be that you cannot leave the state without either notifying ...

Can I leave the state while on probation? - Avvo.com


Jun 18, 2009 ... However, you would need to speak with your probation officer to determine if you are required to get permission to leave the state.

Can I work in another state if I'm on probation? - Criminal Law


If you are on probation, you still have some hope of landing a probation job in another state, but you need to get more clarification from your probation officer as  ...

Can probation officer find out if I leave state without permision & I ...


May 1, 2013 ... Typically a condition of probation is that you notify your officer if you are leaving. I cannot emphasize how much I do not recommend you leave ...

Whats the deal with leaving the state while on probation? [Archive ...


How lenient are probation officers regarding crossing state lines? ... And even if the PO says no, is it work the risk to just leave and not tell? ... I can tell you that in Georgia that to leave the state while on probation you will need ...

Can I fly out of state w/o my probation officer finding out ...


I am leaving from Texas to new Orleans for thee days. Now my ... What happens if you get into trouble, get a traffic ticket, have any issues. If you ...

Can a person on probation travel? – 55 Legal Answers as of July 08 ...


When on probation you cannot even leave the state without permission let ... If the PO denies the request, he can always petition the judge.

Rules of Probation - Medina County Adult Probation Department


As a probationer, you can be arrested without warrant by any Probation ... Pay all restitution, probation supervision fees, court costs, fines, drug testing fees (if applicable) ... You must obtain written permission prior to leaving the State of Ohio.

Leaving The State On Probation - ExpertLaw


If I was rejected, what would be the punishment for leaving the state? ... You can verify with your probation officer whether or not a previously ...

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Q: Can you leave the state while on probation in Calif?
A: It depends on the conditions for probation that were set by the court at the time of sentencing. In most cases, a probationer can leave the state only with the ... Read More »
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Q: Can you leave the state on unsupervised probation.
A: Can you leave the state of California if you are on summary probation with the state of California? Read More »
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Q: Can you leave the state while on probation in Ohio?
A: You must ask the court for permission to leave the state or you will be in violation of your rules of probation. Talk to your probation officer asap. Matthew C.... Read More »
Source: www.avvo.com
Q: Can you leave the state while on unsupervised probation.
A: Check the paperwork you received at the time you were sentenced. If it does not place limits on your travel, then it's okay. Read More »
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Q: Can you leave state while on probation?
A: only if his probation officer approves the move, as well as the state where he would move to. Read More »
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