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If you break a state law, you can be placed on probation. ... You need permission from both the state you want to leave, and the state you want to move to.

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Am I allowed to leave the state if I'm on probation for a felony? ... office for the probation department and see who else you can get through to.

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If you are on felony state probation you have to comply with the ... and you violate the condition, your probation officer can report your violation ...

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However, I was offered a job in CA and decided to just leave NY behind. .... If you violate probation, your probation can be revoked and you can ...

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When on probation you cannot even leave the state without permission let ... If the PO denies the request, he can always petition the judge.

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Aug 13, 2015 ... It's going to depend on what's in your sentencing order and your state's law, and what the probation officer says if the order isn't dispositive.

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If you violate your probation terms and conditions, you could find yourself in even ... common for individuals serving probation to not be allowed to leave the state ...

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Individuals on probation can move to another state if they receive permission from the court, states ... Can you leave the country while on probation?

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If you are on probation, you still have some hope of landing a probation job in another state, but you need to get more clarification from your probation officer as  ...

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... it is possible to leave the country while on probation if permission is attained ... Can you move out of state on probation? ... Can you travel while on probation? ... In most cases, the parolee must get advanced permission to leave the country.