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Top 10 List of Ways I Learned How to Become A Vampire


Jun 2, 2014 ... Real vampire spells, when properly cast, can change a mortal into a vampire within minutes. However, different consequences exist for those ...

Real vampire website: Get turned into a vampire


That is why this page will tell you how to get turned into a vampire. This is also referred to as being changed into a real vampire. Only a real vampire can turn you ...

How to Become a Vampire in Real Life and Why You Should Think ...


Apr 28, 2016 ... If you want to become a real vampire you'd be wise to reconsider. ... Since we can't possibly explore every culture's explanation for how vampires ... Certainly there are mortal humans who don't like to spend much time in the ...

Vampire (Syfy) | Being Human Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia


Vampires can turn living or recently-deceased humans into new vampires. ... Vampires must drink human blood to stay healthy and maintain their strength and  ...

List of vampire traits in folklore and fiction - Wikipedia, the free ...


The following tables compare traits given to vampires in folklore and fiction. Over time, some .... All the vampires have orange eyes that turn red when their bloodlust is .... Yes, His true form is...

Become a Real Vampire - The Complete Method - Gods And Monsters


In "The Vampire Bible", ancient scribes describe the only known way that a human can become a vampire. As the following excerpt from that book details, ...

Interview with the Vampire (film) - Wikiquote


Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles is a 1994 film, based on the ... Louis, my love, I was mortal until you gave me your immortal kiss. ... for no creatures under God are as we are, none so like Him... as ourselves. ... Does this make you happy? ... Lestat: And what if there is no Hell, or they don't want us there?

Interview With The Vampire Script - transcript from the screenplay ...


Interview With The Vampire Script taken from a transcript of the screenplay and/or ... Shall we begin like "David Copperfield"? ... And then I said farewell to sunlight.. . ... and set out to become... ... what I became. .... All but us. Do you want to frighten our daughter? I'm not your daughter. ... He did it to make you ...

Why Do You Want to be a Vampire? • Vampires.com


Feb 18, 2011 ... Ok, please tell me how being a vampire will suddenly make you ... Uh, becoming an immortal will change that how? ... If you're bored with the short time you have as a mortal, how will .... and listening to people like us who really want to be vampires. ... I begged him to please make me one of his family.

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Q: Vampires are afraid of crosses. But if the vampire was a Jew in i...
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