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Can My Employer Fire Me For No Reason? Best Attorney Reply!


Feb 13, 2015 ... Can I sue my employer because I was fired today for no good reason? ... So, for example, your boss can fire you because you are left handed; ...

10 Shattered Myths About Workplace Rights | On Careers | US News


Feb 6, 2012 ... Myth: If your boss bullies you, you can sue under "hostile workplace" laws. ... Fact : Your employer can fire you for any reason at all or for no ...

What You Can't Fire Someone For - AllLaw.com


Under the employment-at-will doctrine, an employer can generally fire an employee for any reason or for no reason at all. However, there are some things that ...

Your Rights when Losing or Leaving a Job - FindLaw


If you have an employment contract, often the terms of that contract will define the kind of reasons your employer can use to fire you. Some employment contracts ...

Can You Get Fired for No Reason? - Job Searching - About.com


Does an employer need a reason to fire you? Is it legal to fire someone without good cause? What can you do if it happens to you?

How to Deal with Getting Fired for No Reason


If your employer cannot provide a reason for firing you, that uncertainty escalates. ... to what your boss says that you can have a better understanding of why you ...

3 Common Reasons For Getting Fired And What You Could Learn ...


Jul 8, 2014 ... If you've ever been fired, it can be traumatic, surprising and even devastating to your life. ... No one really ever gets fired without cause. ... made, and sometimes it is a decision the employer made based on their own needs. ... that a business is afraid to open itself to legal liabilities if they fire you with re...

How to Fire an Employee the Legal Way: 6 Termination Guidelines


Termination Guideline #1 — Fire at will: Employers' rights ... the right to fire employees at any time for any reason or no reason at all, and, conversely, ... A written contract may specify the reasons you can terminate the employee, while an oral ...

Employees: Job Termination Rights FAQs - Lawyers.com


Can an at-will employee be fired for any reason? .... Your employer can fire you during or after the probationary period, regardless of how well you ... A: No, your employer can't withhold your final paycheck until you return company property.

Can I Be Fired For No Reason? - LawInfo


As an “at-will" employee, you can be fired for any reason, or no reason at all. For example, if your boss wants to fire you so that his boss' sister can take your ...

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Wrongful Termination: Was Your Firing Illegal? | Nolo.com


For example, you may have an employment contract stating that you can only be fired ... Employers may not fire even at-will employees for illegal reasons, and ...

At Will Employment: Fired for No Reason - Employment/Labor Law


Can my employer fire me for no reason? Even if you are an at-will employee, your employer cannot necessarily fire you for any reason at all.

At-Will Employment | Does an Employer Need a Reason to Fire Me ...


If there is no agreement to the contrary, an employer does not need any reason to fire you. You can be fired on the complete whim of your employer. This is ...