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The chestnut group is a genus (Castanea) of eight or nine species of deciduous trees and ... Chestnuts should not be confused with horse chestnuts (genus Aesculus), ... The name "chestnut"...

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The name hippocastanum is thought to refer to the horse chestnut's ability to heal horses ... The fruit of the horse chestnut is a dark brown smooth-surfaced nut ... Chinese herbalists consider horse chestnut to be a part of treatment not only for ...

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Apr 7, 2011 ... Warning: may not contain any actual nuts Photo: Tony Rolls/Alamy ... Peanuts, almonds, pistachios, cashews, horse chestnuts and pine nuts are not nuts. ... Their name in Old English, walhnutu, meant “foreign nut”, from wealh ...

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Oct 12, 2014 ... The Chestnut section of Nut Growers Guide provides Knowledge necessary ... The genetics of this male sterility is not understood; sometimes fertility is ... " Named cultivars" are grafted clones of trees whose characteristics are ...

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Chestnuts are the only cultivated and consumed nut that has vitamin C, about 40 mg per .... Longfellow was not the only name of note to mention the Chestnut.

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A deciduous tree from the Horsechestnut Family (Hippocastanaceae) ... which also plagues the closely related Horsechestnut (but not Yellow Buckeye). ... Fruits of Ohio Buckeye usually contain one seed (or nut) enclosed in a ... The Ohio variety was named Aesculus glabra, by the German botanist Willdenow in 1809.

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The Brazil nut tree produces a large round or pear-shaped fruit with an outer skin, ... The so-called seeds aren't really seeds, but the fruit of the 2 foot high Carum carvi ... (Cashews) The cashew tree is relatively small, usually not growing over ... The fruit of the chestnut tree is prickly and contains two or three chestnuts; t...

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The name of the tree has many stories associated with it, but no real ... The horse chestnut plant is not related to the edible chestnut, which is ... The whole nut is preferable over the leaf and bark when it is to be used for external applications.



The name Horse-chestnut, hyphenated here to avoid confusion with the true ... the word "horse" originally meant strong or powerful, and does not here refer to their ... species, spineless in others, and splits into three sections to release the nut.

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The edible chestnut - Castanea sativa - usually referred to as the Spanish or Sweet ... The nuts are normally not eaten raw but used baked, boiled, roasted or in ... Named varieties of the Spanish Chestnut (Castanea sativa) are suitable for ...

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Chestnut definition, any of the several deciduous trees constituting the genus ... 1350-1400; 1880-85 for def 6; earlier chesten nut, Middle English chesten, Old ... but probably both places are named for the trees, not the other way around, and ...

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The chestnut is probably the most important nut crop found throughout the ... pests and diseases (such as chestnut blight and gall wasp) which would not only ... The large edible seeds are called chestnuts and are produced annually on the  ...

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Chestnuts dominated eastern hardwood forests not only in numbers; an estimated .... The bush (and nut) I'm talking about is called the “chinquapin” and I' m ...