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Your dog can come into her first heat any time between 6 and 24 months. ... is no such thing as a dog menopause, although as they get older the bleeding, ...

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Jan 4, 2014 ... As for the male dogs, they do not have any cycles and are always ready for ... Therefore, it is important that if the bleeding is heavy then as the owner ... As for six month old female dogs who come to heat for the first time, it is ...

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Non-spayed female dogs will go into "heat" or estrus usually twice a year. The age at which they start their cycles and the duration of the cycle varies greatly between ... Bleeding occurs prior to a female being receptive to a male (allowing ... options, and how you can help animals in need, even if you can't adopt at thi...

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When does a female dog have her first estrus cycle? Dogs will have their first estrus cycle when they reach puberty. ... large and giant breeds of dogs may not come into heat for the first time until they reach eighteen months to two years of age. ... dogs have only a tiny amount of discharge while others have heavy bleeding.

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To better understand the many symptoms of the dog heat cycle, it's best to break down ... During this time, you'll notice many but perhaps not all of the following .... a heat cycle, but once the whole cycle is over, they should go back to normal. .... Do dogs needs special nutrition while they are bleeding during their heat cyc...

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Sep 12, 2012 ... The whole process is coordinated by hormones and consists of several phases, ... Most dogs come in heat twice a year, since they have reached their sexual maturity. ... No, male dogs do not come in heat. ... Quite often people are turning to a vet for advice when their dog is bleeding or crying all the time.

Labradors In Heat: Managing Your Bitch During Her Season


Jan 12, 2016 ... Your unspayed Lab will likely have her first season any time from six ... If you are not sure whether or not your Labrador is bleeding, gently wipe a ... There is also a greater risk of problems during whelping if they do concieve. ... Entire male dogs will try very hard to get into contact with a bitch on season.

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The exact time a young dog has her first heat varies by breed and individual, but ... Large and giant breed dogs may not have a first heat until they are 18 ... There will be minimal swelling, minimal bleeding and minimal attraction of male dogs. ... Most veterinarians prefer to do a spay surgery once a female is out of heat, ...

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Female dogs do not have monthly menstrual periods like humans, as some people ... A heat cycle lasts about three weeks, but the female will neither bleed ... Unlike females, unneutered males are fertile all the time, and they can create a  ...

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In addition to bleeding, the vulva will also swell and the dog will usually have an ... Your best bet is to keep her confined in the house during the entire estrus ... During this time she will still be giving off the heat “scent” and males will still be ... One thing that they have to understand is that the he wants to be told what to ...

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How long do dogs bleed when they are in heat? | Reference.com


Most female dogs, or bitches, bleed for 18 to 24 days while they are in heat. Some bitches ... Some large bitches do not experience a heat until they are two years old. As dogs age ... This usually occurs for the first time between the first nine.

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Jul 30, 2015 ... This is the period of time when she's receptive to mating. ... she's in heat, including a swollen vulva, bleeding, more frequent urination and ... Some giant breeds may not go into their first heat until they're 18-24 months old. ... be receptive to male dogs, although some are receptive through the entire c...

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The average cycle for a female dog in heat happens about once every six months , typically between January and March and again between August and Octob...