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So, just HOW bad does an industrial hurt? : piercing - Reddit


May 13, 2015 ... Because the industrial is 2 cartlidge piercings it hurts a bit more than a ... if you plan on getting both ears done, don't do them the same day.

Does getting an industrial piercing hurt? | Reference.com


An industrial piercing may lead to mild to moderate pain or discomfort. Each individual has a different pain threshold, so a piercing that is very painful for one  ...

Industrial Piercing: Facts, Precautions, Aftercare, Pictures | Body ...


Jan 7, 2014 ... Getting the ear pierced feels more like a pinch and usually does not hurt ... Thus, it can be said that Industrial piercing would hurt a bit, but it is ...

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Aug 21, 2009 ... I love my industrial. ... piercing gun, and my industrial (done with a hollow needle) hurt about 45% less. .... your ear getting infected, lots of pain, a bad healing process and finally, ... on a scale of 1 to 10 how much does it hurt?

9 Cartilage Piercing Truths To Know Before You Go Under The Needle


Oct 1, 2015 ... Sure, ear lobe piercings are where most of us start, but a cartilage piercing is big. ... nor will they experience getting a cartilage piercing the same way. ... Super well healed industrial I did on this super cool lady just over a year ago. ... But having once experienced the piercing gun route, even that hurt far ...

Experiences of Industrial Piercings on Women | Tribalectic


I always dreamed of getting my industrial pierced. ... this piercing did not hurt at all, i had to get it pierced with 2 separate bars, then have the ...

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Sep 6, 2012 ... ... industrial pierced. This piercing consists of connecting two holes in the ear's upper cartilage. ... Looks painful but I'm still getting it ✊  .... my cartilage didn't hurt at all. like it was a prick, does that mean im good with pain?.

Industrial Piercing FAQs | Painfulpleasures Inc


A. It's normal for an industrial piercing to hurt for quite awhile after getting pierced. Some ear ...

How much does an industrial bar hurt? - My Gurl


I'm going to get an industrial piercing but I'm worried about the pain. ... How long does it take to stop hurting afterwards, most people have said ...

Ear and Nose Cartilage Piercings: Pain and Care | TatRing


Apr 22, 2015 ... An industrial piercing is two helix piercings connected with hardware (usually a bar). .... It is normal for your ear to hurt immediately after getting a cartilage ... But we do know that any piercing that isn't pierced with care and ...

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How badly does an industrial piercing hurt? - Quora


It's not painful so much as a mild, constant annoyance while it heals. As with other piercings, ... answer about it being a constant annoyance while healing. The hardest part was bumping it in the first few weeks after getting it. Ouch. 1.3k Views ...

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The first thing the piercer should do is wash his or her hands, and ... Let the piercer disinfect the piercing area.