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An industrial piercing may lead to mild to moderate pain or discomfort. Each individual has a different pain threshold, so a piercing that is very painful for one person may not be...

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Jan 3, 2013 ... Has anyone ever had an industrial piercing? how much does it hurt ... It hurts much more than getting your ear lobe pierced - but is nothing ...

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Industrial Piercing Well when I first decided to get an industrial piercing I made sure I did a lot of research on it, which is always a good thing to do.

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Aug 21, 2009 ... I love my industrial. ... piercing gun, and my industrial (done with a hollow needle) hurt about 45% less. ... However, I plan on getting my anti-tragus done in my opposite ear along ... on a scale of 1 to 10 how much does it hurt?

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Mar 29, 2014 ... How much does it hurt for a young woman to get her ear pierced? Can a daith ... Is it normal for a helix piercing to hurt 9 months after getting it?

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I always dreamed of getting my industrial pierced. ... this piercing did not hurt at all, i had to get it pierced with 2 separate bars, then have the ...

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Getting a piercing can be a big decision, especially if it's your first one. ... Has your studio passed all necessary inspections and does it have all the necessary ...

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Jan 7, 2014 ... Getting the ear pierced feels more like a pinch and usually does not hurt much. The actual pain comes during the healing and cleaning process ...

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Sep 28, 2008 ... I didn't go to the shop intending on getting an industrial piercing. ... I thought, no matter how much this piercing hurt, it would not hurt as much as ...

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Apr 15, 2012 ... I'm getting it on my left ear (the one I rarely ever sleep on) and I am very .... Honestly the first piercing didn't hurt that much; maybe about a 3. ... and even if she does, I'll probably request that she refund me, but I won't be mad.

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Q: Does getting an industrial piercing hurt?
A: Go get it done and find out for yourself =DD. My was quite sore, both holes. The healing seems to take forever. Up to a year. So you're in it for the long hall!... Read More »
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Q: Does getting the industrial piercing hurt?
A: haha i completely understand your fear. I had been wanting mine pierced forever and finally got it pierced about a month ago. I went in expecting it to feel lik... Read More »
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Q: Does getting an Industrial Piercing hurt?
A: Honestly, it doesn't hurt all that bad! When I got mine, the whole at the veryy top just got warm, I was like..oh? your pierced that? huh..then the second one w... Read More »
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Q: Does getting an industrial piercing hurt?
A: Cartilage piercing can be easy if it's done by a trained professional body piercer. Only a trained experienced professional body piercer can do an industrial pi... Read More »
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Q: Does getting an industrial piercing hurt more when they use a cla...
A: Clamps cause unnecessary pain and trauma. I can't say for sure whether or not you'll feel a significant difference in the pain, but it will certainly be less tr... Read More »
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