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Good quality oil does not need its formula doctored or changed. Lucas oil stabilizer actually changes the formula and not in a good way. ... good in theory, but keep in mind that the insides of your engine work nothing like that.


The vehicle I have now I purchased it as a work vehicle from a salvage yard with ... favorite and satisfying things maintenance wise that I do on a daily basis.

Jun 24, 2014 ... Lucas Oil Stabilizer Knocking Engine Experiment. 3DMachines. Loading. .... Adding 80w90 oil for differentials does the same thing. The thick oil ...


BOTTLE OPEN IN SHIPPING AND THEY WOULD DO NOTHING. .... I have been using this Lucas Stabilizer with all my oil changes for a few years and I can tell ...


made this video at work the other day, finally showing that lucas oil stabilizer is junk...hopefully this changes your mind on buying it, if the.


FAQ's for Lucas Oil Products|heavy duty oil stabilizer|Lucas fuel ... moving part, if you do an oil change after 8 to 10,000 miles the additive will still be working, ...


I started using Lucas oil addative about a year ago. ... Do this same process the next few oil changes and I'll bet most of your tapping will be ... most detergent oils and most hydralic devices like lifters seem to work better with it.


Does Prolong work? Does Lucas Oil Stabilizer work ? Does ZMax work? Does Bestline work? Does Archoil work? Which engine oil additive is the best? What is  ...


It seemed to work well, I recall a bright red late 90s Durango that came in ... Wanna sludge an engine- here's the crap to do it with. .... The guys have changed oil/filter and added 20% of the volume with the Lucas oil additive.