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Why Does Sterling Silver Tarnish?
Sterling silver is a silver alloy containing 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper. Pure silver is too soft for functional objects, so metalworkers produce silver alloys; the most popular alloy for silver jewelry and dishware is sterling. Copper... More »
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Dec 18, 2009 ... Properly caring and storing sterling silver is the best way to prevent it from tarnishing. If it does tarnish, here are some tips on returning the ...

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The Easiest Way to Clean Tarnish Off of Sterling Silver. September 18, 2011 ... In less than a second your sterling will look brand new...no tarnish. Take them out ...

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Sterling silver is 92.5 percent (925 parts) pure silver and 7.5 percent (75 parts) .... If sterling does become tarnished, it is easily restored to its original gleam by ...

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Oct 19, 2011 ... I say air-restricted because glass front cabinets and silver chests are not air-tight and even when stored in these places tarnish will still ...

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Ever wondered why some people say rings turn their fingers green? Some people think that your ring turns green because it's not real silver. This is actually not ...

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The purity of the metal, for instance, determines how malleable the silver is and how quickly it will tarnish: .950 sterling silver will bend more easily and tarnish ...

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Learn all about silver - What is silver? What does .925 mean? Why does silver tarnish? How do you clean silver jewelry? Sterling silver vs. silverplated.

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Apr 8, 2011 ... This video shows you how to clean tarnish from your sterling silver jewelry or silverware using baking soda and aluminum foil.

Does sterling silver rust? | Reference.com


Sterling silver does not usually contain iron, so it cannot oxidize to form rust. However, sterling silver can oxidize to form silver oxide, which creates tarnish....