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FAQ - What's the difference between a crocodile and an alligator


So, the first difference is that alligators and crocodiles are actually in different ... Shape of the jaw: The easiest way of telling apart crocodiles from alligators, ...

Crocodile and Alligator Differences - Animal Facts for Kids


Crocodiles. Crocodiles have a longer, more V-shaped head then alligators. The fourth tooth of a crocodile sticks out when its mouth is closed. Crocodiles are ...

How to Tell the Difference Between a Crocodile and an Alligator


Look at the snout. The easiest way to tell the difference between crocodiles and alligators is to look at their snouts. Alligators have a wide, rounded, "U"-shaped ...

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Oct 13, 2011 ... Bob Freer tells us over at the Grow Out Pins what the differences are between Alligators, Crocodiles, and Caimans. All of these species are on ...
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Apr 16, 2014 ... Crocodilia: Keeping it real for the last 83.5 million years. NEW! Subreddit: http:// www.reddit.com/r/thebrainscoop/ Facebook: ...

Alligator vs Crocodile - Differences Explained (with Videos and ...


What's the difference between Alligator and Crocodile? Crocodiles have ... Their behavior is also starkly different, with crocs being more aggressive than gators....

What's the difference between an alligator and a crocodile? - Animals


Here's a bit of interesting trivia for you: All alligators are crocodiles, but not all crocodiles are alligators. Sound confusing? It's really not once you look at the ...

Crocodilian | San Diego Zoo Animals


The fact is, crocodilians—alligators, crocodiles, caimans, and gharials—are a ... Scientists have placed crocodiles and alligators in different families ...

Alligators and Crocodiles


Home. Alligators and crocodiles are in the same reptile subgroup. They mostly live in tropical or semitropical regions. Alligators are mostly found in the southern  ...

Crocodiles and Alligators - National Geographic Channel


Ben shows us the differences between crocodiles and alligators using a saltwater crocodile and a baby American alligator.

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What's the Difference Between Alligators and Crocodiles?


Sep 15, 2012 ... Close inspection which we don't recommend in the wild would present distinct differences between alligators and crocodiles.

articles What's the Difference Between an Alligator and a Crocodile?


Sep 30, 2015 ... Despite being entirely different animals (sharing the order Crocodilia, but not a family), crocodiles and alligators appear to be very similar.

Differences Between Crocodiles and Alligators


It can be difficult for inexperienced people to tell the difference between an American crocodile and the other native crocodilian, the more common American  ...