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In geology and earth science, a plateau also called a high plain or tableland, is an area of highland, usually consisting of relatively flat ...

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A plateau is formed by a process of geological uplift, either due to the collision of continental plates, pressure from magma below or the burial of land by volcanic ...

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A volcanic plateau is formed by numerous small volcanic eruptions that slowly build up over time, forming a plateau from the resulting lava flows. The North ...

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Oct 30, 2010 ... Plateaus are a magnificent formations of land that can be found in many areas across the globe. Here we answer the question, "what is a ...

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Plateaus can be formed by the erosion of surrounding areas by rivers, flooding and glacier ... Repeated lava flows can also form a plateau over a period of time.

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A plateau may cover an area as small as several square miles or as large as half the size of the lower forty-eight United States. Some plateaus formed as a result ...

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Sep 16, 2016 ... Plateaus formation video ... Peninsular Plateau of India. ... GCSE Geography - Lava Plateaus, Basalt Columns and Volcanic Plugs - Duration: ...

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The largest plateaus on Earth formed where two tectonic plates collided. Because they are lifted far above sea level, they are known as high altitude plateaus.