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How is the asthenosphere different from the lithosphere?


The difference between asthenosphere and lithosphere is how the materials in these layers can flow. Rocks in the lithosphere are "rigid", meaning that they can  ...

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Lithosphere is hard, while asthenosphere is weak. The lithosphere rides over the asthenosphere, while the asthenosphere carries the lithosphere.

Crust and Mantle vs. Lithosphere and Asthenosphere


Lithosphere and Asthenosphere. Why do we use two names to describe the same layer of the Earth? Well, this confusion results from the different ways ...

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What is the difference between the lithosphere and the asthenosphere? Where are they located? In greek “Lithos” means stone/hard and “Asthenes” weak/soft.

The Different Properties of the Asthenosphere & the Lithosphere ...


At its lower limit, the lithosphere contains mantle rock. This rock is similar in composition to the asthenosphere, but it is cooler and less fluid. The asthenosphere ...

Lava Lamp Physics and Earth's Crust : Discovery News


Apr 7, 2014 ... Just below the lithosphere is a layer called the asthenosphere, ... alkali basalt ( similar to the basalt shown), likely present in the asthenosphere.

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Dec 26, 2014 ... The lithosphere and asthenosphere are the upper two layers of the Earth. Though they have a similar chemical makeup, they are still vastly ...

Planet Earth: Probing beyond the surface


The core, mantle and crust are different sections of the earth because of the different ... It is rock strength that differentiates the lithosphere from the asthenosphere. .... The back-arc region is similar to a major spreading axis, but there are some ...

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It is composed of a number of different layers as determined by deep drilling and ... mantle, 100 to 200 kilometers below surface, is called the asthenosphere. ... The lithosphere is a layer that includes the crust and the upper most portion ... A similar process occurs with mountain building and mountain erosion (see topic 10l).

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Together they are called the lithosphere, the "sphere of rock". The lower level of the mantle is called the asthenosphere and it is softer and weaker, particularly in its upper ... Lava of similar composition can be obtained by melting peridotite.

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Compare and contrast the asthenosphere with the lithosphere


Difference: The lithosphere is less dense and more brittle, the asthenosphere is more dense and less brittle and the lithosphere is made up of hot molten ...

What is the difference between lithosphere and asthenosphere?


The lithosphere is the very top layer of the Earth's crust, while the asthenosphere is the ... The state of the rocky material in the asthenosphere is similar. Though it  ...

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... of the mantle just under the lithosphere. The asthenosphere has the properties of both a liquid and a solid. Cornstarch an water behaves inn a similar fashion.