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Don't waste money buying bait. Gather your own! It's simple with this easy-to- make trap.

Jun 28, 2013 ... A quick and easy way to get your own minnows for fishing using two pop bottles. Don't forget to check out Merryman Outdoors on FB.
Oct 10, 2013 ... My sisters channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ-bibJhAmKXaF- 1pxCiZFQ?feature=watch Follow me on twitter ...


In this Instructable, i am going to show you how to make a minnow trap out of ... the trap about as big in diameter as the rope your using...in my case its 550 cord.


With little more than some string and an old plastic 2-liter soda bottle you can craft your own minnow trap, catching your own minnows in a nearby stream.


Here are some simple instructiosn for making your own "old timers" minnow trap ... ...and we'll customize them for you based on your answers to our Old School ...


When building your own minnow trap, you'll save a few dollars, have a little fun and add ... My Uncle Julius, an ardent crappie fisherman, always kept a couple of  ...


If you are ever in the mood to go fishing but do not want to pay for minnows, you can make a minnow trap quickly and easily. Below are 2 different ways you can ...


Minnow traps work on the same principle: Minnows, attracted to the trap by the smell of food, swim into the wide end of a funnel. The funnel narrows and ...


Minnows make great bait for catching larger fish. If you don't want to spend money on minnows at the bait shop, you can make your own trap out of common  ...