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Events from the 1600s in England. Contents. [hide]. 1 Incumbents; 2 Events; 3 Births; 4 Deaths ... Elizabeth was never married and had no children, neither did her only ... He is found guilty but his life is spared by the King at this time and he is ... in the drowning of an estimated 2,000 people, with 200 square miles (518 km2) ...


During the 17th century the population of England and Wales grew steadily. ... In 1600 people in London walked from one street to another or if they could afford it they traveled by .... Even in Stuart times some people did live to their 70s or 80s.


However for the poor in Tudor England life did not improve. .... In 1500 the town was encompassed by its walls but by 1600 rich men had built houses along the ...


English Immigration to America in the 1600's, 1700's, 1800's and 1900's. ... Why did people want to leave England and why did they want to move to America? ... The prospect of a new life and owning some land was also a major reason for the  ...


In the 1600s people were not very rich, and did not live in very good conditions, there houses were made out of wood and were mostly broken down.


3 days ago ... 1England does not have a formal government or constitution, and a specifically ... the Midlands—and retain strong ties to those regions even if they live elsewhere. .... People. Ethnic groups and languages. The English language is ..... Southeastern England (c. 1600). The English plantation of Ireland in the ...


The first emigrants to New England brought books with them and continued to ... using abundant slave labor, had large houses, an aristocratic way of life, and a ... agreed to transport fifty people to America received enormous estates along the ...


Theatre was for people in Early Modern England what television is for us today. ... The city of London did not approve of theatre because public performances .... The earliest performance we are certain of took place in 1600 when the play was acted in court for the Flemish ambassador. ... "Shakespeare's Life and Times.


Information, did-you-knows, timeline, videos and images about London in ... Many people who lived in England moved to London because there was a lot of work there. ... Examples of clothing in the 1600s; Typical London house in the 1660s ...


See how key events in British history have affected the size of the population. ... in 1801, in England, Wales and Scotland, all population figures are estimates. ... For much of this period most of the population lived in the countryside, with London ... Death level, and there were steady increases during the 1600s and 1700s.