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Social history of England


The social history of England evidences many social changes over the centuries. These major ... The arrival of the Romans in 54 BC probably did not alter society greatly at first, as it was simply a...

Life in the 17th Century - Localhistories.org


During the 17th century the population of England and Wales grew steadily. ... In 1600 people in London walked from one street to another or if they could afford it they traveled by .... Even in Stuart times some people did live to their 70s or 80s.

A History of the Population of England - Localhistories.org


A history of the population of England from Ancient Times to Today. ... In the Middle Ages most people lived in the countryside and made a living from farming. ... or 70,000 at the end of the 15th century it grew to about 250,000 people by 1600.

How did England's people live in the 1600s - Answers.com


In the 1600s people were not very rich, and did not live in very good conditions, there houses were made out of wood and were mostly broken down. water ...

Children and Youth in History | Health in England (16th–18th c.)


Children and youth in early modern England (1500-1800) were subject to many diseases and physical ... The average mother had 7-8 live births over 15 years. ... In 1665, one of the deadliest years, 80,000 people died in the capital city. Of this  ...

English Immigration to America: 1600's, 1700's, 1800's and 1900's ***


English Immigration to America in the 1600's, 1700's, 1800's and 1900's. ... Why did people want to leave England and why did they want to move to America? ... for transportation and the prospects of employment and a new life in America.

Britain in the mid-1700s - World History


Until the 1720s, England's population growth had been held in check by periodic ... Locke died in 1704, but his influence lived on through the century. ... Writes Appleby: "Self assertive individuals did the innovating in England whether ... In England, the last execution for heresy had been in the early 1600s, and the last to...

Daily Life in Shakespeare's London - Superstition and Ignorance in ...


May 18, 2014 ... A fascinating look at what life was like for a person living in London during ... John Stow, the annalist of England and author of the Survey of London ... a peel, a tempest of lightning and thunder did arise, an ugly-shapen sight ...

Life in the 1500's


Here are some facts about life in the 1500's: ... 8) Most people did not have pewter plates, but had trenchers, a piece of wood with the middle scooped out like a ...

The Europeans - Why They Left


Did the "Medieval Lives" videos give you any new ideas about why the English may have ... map of Europe in 1300 Map of Europe in 1600 Map of Europe in 1800 ... At the same time, England's population was dramatically increasing. From an ...

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Life in Tudor England - Localhistories.org


However for the poor in Tudor England life did not improve. .... In 1500 the town was encompassed by its walls but by 1600 rich men had built houses along the ...

As the colonies grew in the 1600's and 1700's, they became the ...


The Puritans sailed to New England and set up their colony in ..... enjoyed more social equality than the people in England did. Still social classed did exist.

Early modern society


Economy and society in early modern England ... By 1600 about 200,000 people lived there, and London continued to grow despite losing about ... Though not tax -exempt, the nobility did possess important privileges, including the right to sit in ...