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Pig iron is the intermediate product of smelting iron ore. It is the molten iron from the blast ... When the metal had cooled and hardened, the smaller ingots (the pigs) were simply broken from the ...

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What's in a name? From the Anglo-Saxon word iron. Iron's chemical symbol comes from the Latin word for iron, ferrum. Say what? Iron is pronounced as ...

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Element Iron (Fe), Group 8, Atomic Number 26, d-block, Mass 55.845. Sources, facts ... Origin of the name, The name comes from the Anglo-Saxon name 'iren'.

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Kids learn about the element iron and its chemistry including atomic weight, atom , ... Where did iron get its name? Iron gets its name from an Anglo-Saxon term.

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Jan 10, 2003 ... Where did iron get its name - trivia question /questions answer / answers.

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Get periodic table facts on the chemical and physical properties of the element iron. ... Name: Iron derives its name from the Anglo-Saxon 'iren'. The element ...

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Name: Iron Symbol: Fe Atomic Number: 26. Atomic Mass: 55.845 amu. Melting Point: 1535.0 °C (1808.15 K, 2795.0 °F) Boiling Point: 2750.0 °C (3023.15 K, ...

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Iron's properties, discovery, videos, images, states, energies, appearance and ... The meteorite surface has been melted into thumb-print shapes during its flight ... <sup>(7)</sup>; In ancient times, people did not know how very abundant iron was on Earth.

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No other metal is available to replace iron in all its many applications. ... That symbol comes from the Latin name for iron, ferrum. ... bend, roll, hammer, cut, shape, form, and otherwise work with a metal to get it into a desired shape or thickness.

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Jan 10, 2011 ... Welcome to the weekly SPIN.com feature "Name That Band!" inwhich we get the inside stories behind the mysterious monikers of some ofour favorite artists. ... It's like Homer Simpson's barbershop quartet, the Be Sharps.

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Origin of name: from the Anglo-Saxon word "iron" or "iren" (the origin of the ... Corrosion to the pillar has been minimal despite its exposure to the weather since ...

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Where did its name come from?[edit]. The modern English word iron comes from the old English word isærn, which comes from Indo-European roots meaning ...

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Jan 6, 2015 ... Properties, sources and uses of the element iron. Also ... The most abundant of all metals, its pure form rapidly corrodes from exposure to moist air and high .... Chromebooks May Soon Get "Over a Million" Android Apps.