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A sleeveless shirt is a shirt manufactured without sleeves, or one whose sleeves have been cut ... In the United States and Canada, it is commonly known as a tank top or by its pejorative nicknames,...

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Mar 19, 2009 ... What is the origin of the term wife beater shirt - trivia question ... Its reputation comes from those wearing the shirts while engaged in domestic violence ... Every time they showed a guy getting arrested for beating his wife he was wearing ... The name wife beater is growing more and more popular, raising the .....

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Jan 12, 2015 ... When did the tank top a.k.a the wifebeater appear? ... Surprisingly, it's not. ... an “ A shirt”, or a “guinea tee”) not only has different names but it also has ... Nowadays there's no man who can't get at least a dozen of tank tops out ...

Why Are We Still Calling White Tank Tops "Wife-Beaters"? | Mic


Apr 8, 2016 ... What do you call a certain kind of a white sleeveless shirt? ... and so has its problematic name, as part of our everyday vernacular. This is, in short, fucked up. "It was so OK to beat your wife until so recently that today we have a kind .... seen what happened in 2006 when a store did use the term "wife-beat...

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wifebeater. A white sleaveles t-shirt also referred to as a muscle shirt or singlet. Virgil's got his wifebeater on, looks like Helen's gonna get taught a lesson tonight! ... Colloquial name for Stella Artois lager in England. Coming ... Its reputation comes from those wearing the shirts while engaged in domestic violence. His ...

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I have seen cute guys in sleeveless shirts, but sleeveless shirt =/= wife beater. This, for example, is not a wife beater, but it's sleeveless and trendy: .... I now understand its just a trashy name for tanks, but still I hope there is no ...

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This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of wife-beater is. ... Before wearing a wife-beater as one's only shirt became a popular style, the stereotype existed that they were ... Definitions include: to delay in getting to the point.

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So, the colloquial name for these garments seems to have elevated to .... I've always called them undershirts, and so did everyone else I know. ... "Tank top" can really refer to any sleeveless shirt so it's not very precise. ... in the US, though it's not a very common word, so maybe the wife-beater could adopt it...

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Wife-beater definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with ... Plenty of scoundrels have been sent to the galleys for less than that, but the ... How do we know but what that wife-beater loved his wife dearly before marriage, and she did not care for him? ... What mistaken pronunciation gave this character its name?

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About wife beater shirts and the history about this shirt classification. ... known as a tank top or by its pejorative nickname, wife-beater (sometimes just beater). This is obviously an offensive name for a category of shirt. ... A sleeveless shirt is a shirt manufactured without sleeves, or one whose sleeves have been cut off.

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May 13, 2005 ... First, we must address the origins of said “wife beatershirts. ... not people who wear “wife-beaters” actually beat their wives or just wear them to get ... She'll call you a name. ... (Although she does sport them in multiple colors.).

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Tank top style undershirts for men are called "wife-beaters" because they appear in ... And when did they get the nick-name? ... Sleeveless shirt ... It's a classist slur , verging on an ethnic slur, as are nearly all the words for that kind of undershirt.

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Jan 30, 2013 ... It does not register the UK slang. ... It's not unknown for people to get drunk on it and commit domestic violence while in that state. ... My understanding is that the shirt may have been termed "wife beater" after .... question that the connection between the name Stella and the word wifebeater might inv...