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Jul 31, 2010 ... My crayfish mating. ... I wish my crayfish could do that ... The reason I ask is because my crayfish that I never saw mating started developing egg ...

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Jun 21, 2014 ... Before purchasing a crayfish, a owner should do some research to ..... time, and others are parthenogenetic, which means they can reproduce ...

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How do they reproduce? Rusty crayfish mate in late summer, early fall or early spring. Males transfer sperm to the females, but external fertilization does not ...

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Apr 1, 2011 ... That's what crayfish mostly do: loaf all day and look for food all night. Crayfish ... Reproduction. But there ... And this is exactly what crayfish do.

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I have what I believe is a male and female crawfish. ... Then he does movements similar to what humans do, if you know what I mean. he just ...

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Mar 30, 2010 ... Urine typically has an aggressive meaning for crayfish. Males release it when they battle each other, and so do females. During courtship, the ...

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Despite the popular myth about “mudbugs,” crawfish do not wallow around in the ... want and flood the ponds, BUT crawfish may not “activate” and reproduce.

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Reproduction. Crayfish reproduce sexually and are capable of regeneration. Crayfish are either male or female, the males being ...

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The gender of marbled crayfish is always female, and they do not need a partner to reproduce—they reproduce parthenogenetically. As their name implies, they ...

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How do you know if the crayfish is male or female? ... I guess it is sort of fair to say that crayfish will reproduce “more” during the first year after reaching sexual ...

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Crayfish Reproduction. REPRODUCTION: I've had many emails concerning breeding crayfish. I hope this page will reduce some of that mail. This is very ...

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What I am going to cover in this page is the fascinating way crayfish reproduce. ... and explanation on the FAQ Page, however this picture usually does the trick.

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Crayfish can eat both plant and animal matter, which makes them omnivores. ... Reproduction of crayfish is sexual between a male and female crayfish.

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What does it mean when my reddish brown crayfish has white eggs 1/10/15 < Precisely what it appears to mean. Without a male crayfish, eggs will usually be ...

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Jan 20, 2010 ... It appears to do better in more nutrient rich-waters than those of the .... Peak reproduction of red swamp crawfish, however, usually occurs in ...