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The frost line—also known as frost depth or freezing depth—is most commonly ... The frost depth depends on the climatic conditions of an area, the heat transfer ...

Do deck posts have to be 4 feet deep due to frostline? - TrustedPros


Oct 18, 2014 ... Do we need our support posts going down 4 feet due to the frostline? ... when the holes are done, and don't be afraid to measure the depth, any ...

Check the Frost Line Before Digging Footings - Charles & Hudson


Check the Frost Line Before Digging Footings. frost-line-depth-map.jpg ... This is determined by the frost line in your area and the map above (courtesy of Home ...

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Climatic conditions, such as air temperature, snow cover, soil type and moisture, affect the depth of a frost line in a particular area. The frost line in one area can ...

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Dec 1, 2010 ... Wikipedia defines a frost line (also referred to as “frost depth” or ... Currently, the frost line in the Chicago area is recorded at 40 inches, which ...

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My way of installing deck footings starts by attaching the ledger joist to the house. ... important to install deck and porch footings below the frost line for your area as ... The best source of information regarding your frost line depth is your local ...

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The frost line is the maximum depth where the ground will freeze in the winter. ... because you need only fill the footing and tube area and not the entire hole.

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DEAR JOANNE: The freeze or frost line is the depth to which the soil freezes or ... Make the best decisions with my helpful and thorough Deck Installation & Repair Checklist. ... Larger diameter holes spread the weight out over more soil area.

How to avoid freezing drain piping, drains, traps, toilets, etc.


Frost protection for building drain piping: How to avoid freezing drain piping, drains, traps, toilets, etc. ... My Building Drains Can Freeze Too? .... Typically the frost line in Nebraska in your area is around 10-14-inches from the ground surface ... When you cannot find local frost line depth data, building codes adopted by your ...

How to Build a Solid, Frost-Proof Deck Footing | The Family Handyman


Dig and pour your deck footings so they extend below the frost line. That way, they ... My Account; Log Out. MENU+ .... In frigid Minnesota, the frost depth is 42 in., whereas a warmer state like Missouri may have a frost depth of only 1 ft. When you ... Greater width at the bottom will also distribute weight over a larger area.

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exterior - How/where can I find out what the frost-line is for my area ...


Aug 4, 2013 ... How/where can I find out what the frost-line is for my area? ... The Santa Cruz County Municipal Code states "Frost line depth = 12 inches below ...

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Find out how deep you need to dig your deck footings in your area. Look at ... When you excavate your footings you will need to dig below the frost line.This is ...



5" 10" 15" 20" 25"30" 35". 40". 45" 50". 55" 60". 60+". 0". 5". 10". 15". 20". 25". 30". 35". 40". 45". 50". 55". 60". AVERAGE FROST DEPTH. (Inches). 20"

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? The simplest way to determine the frost depth for an area is to consult a frost line map. The map serves ...

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Nov 14, 2013 ... How many of you take in account the frost line depth while defining the foundation depth? Im asking this couse for my country wich is relativly ...