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Gaffer tape is a heavy cotton cloth pressure-sensitive tape with strong adhesive properties. ... (also known as gaffer's tape or gaff tape as well as camera tape and spike tape for narrow, .... ...

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Feb 27, 2016 ... Tape is not necessary for full concealment of external male genitals. ... 3 Gaffs. 3.1 Make Your Own Gaff. 3.1.1 Step 1: Layout; 3.1.2 Step 2: ...

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Feb 25, 2015 ... All too often I see people gaffing cables the wrong way. Here's a quick walk- through of how to get it done the correct and safe way. Join me on ...

How to Make a Cheap Tape Lanyard | Pixel Productions San Diego


This is the first of my multi-part series on knots. So tie yourself down and get ready for a ride. What to do with all that tape! Gaff tape, paper tape,

Strobist: Genius: Make a Gaffer's Tape Key Fob


So we are gonna make a gaffer's tape keychain fob, out of the ingredients pictured at top. That right there is 40" of gaff, effortlessly carried by default, at all times.



Find out more about the tool that is changing the way the world tapes. ... The GaffGun makes taping easy and convenient, reducing the chance of potentially ...

The Ultimate Guide to Making Gaff Cards - Instructables


Well gaff cards are special playing cards used by magicians to perform illusions that boggle the mind and amaze people. In this step by step guide I will be teaching you in detail how to create these amazing cards. ... A roll of double sided tape

Here Are 50 Ways to Put Gaff Tape to Good Use - No Film School


Jun 29, 2016 ... Gaff tape is probably one of the most essential and functional items you can have on set: you can use it to secure wires to the floor, attach stuff ...

Have Gaffer's Tape Always at the Ready by Making a DIY Keychain ...


Mar 6, 2013 ... So we are gonna make a gaffer's tape keychain fob […] ... While duct tape may in fact be more manly, gaff is what duct tape wishes it could be.

How to Make A Quality Duct Tape Wallet - Lifehacker


Jun 16, 2009 ... Wallets made with duct tape are a dime-a-dozen (we've covered them once or twice before). But since times are tough, and they also make for ...

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How to Tuck and Tape: 7 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow


"Tucking and Taping" refers to a practice engaged in by people assigned ... Pull on a gaff, a pair of panties specially designed to hold a "tuck" in place. ... To save on funds, make your own by cutting the legs off a pair of control top pantyhose.

How to Make a Gaff | Salt Water Sportsman


Oct 10, 2016 ... Make a versatile gaff with an extending handle. By Scott Flint ... Wedge a wad of masking tape inside the open end of the extension pole. Use a ...

7 Creative Things to Do With Gaff Tape - PremiumBeat


Jul 2, 2015 ... The tape is made with a heavy cotton cloth, rather than vinyl or plastic. The adhesive used in gaff tape is more heat resistant, making it popular ...