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If your Poulan chain saw won't start, the first thing to check is the fuel. ... If it doesn' t start within 15 pulls, the spark plug is likely wet-fouled. ... If the chain is moving but still not cutting properly, it has likely been dulled by accidental contact with ...

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The Pro series is one model of Poulan chain saw. ... You can trace many Poulan Pro starting problems to either fuel, air or spark issues, ... But before you begin tearing into the engine, make sure that the tank is filled ... An air filter that is dirty has clogged passages which restrict the amount of air that can enter the carburetor...

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Jun 12, 2012 ... Learn how to fix a chainsaw, with our chainsaw repair video! Chainsaw repair is not hard, the biggest problem is bad gas, learn here ...

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An gas engine will not run without spark, fuel, and compression. There are other factors involved, but if one of the above three items is ... Now, don't have a cow because you don't know how to test the switch--the test is not hard. ... The most common type for chain saws--including your Poulan®--is the one without a hole.

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Jul 21, 2016 ... Read our guide on why your chainsaw won't start and what you can do about it. ... Sometimes you simply need to replace your spark plug. ... Another added feature some models are equipped with is a fuel pump or a primer bulb. ... a new one but still have starting issues, the ignition coil might be to blame.

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I have a 2 year old Poulan 4620AVX chainsaw that slowly died while I ... It is getting spark and gas so does the problem sound like a timing issue for some reason? ... So I now know why it won't start but I'd like to know why. .... so i had it in to a repair shop..it ran ok for a couple of hours, now its doing this.

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If your chainsaw won't start, there are common problems that you can check and ... 6 If you have electric chainsaw – check If the switch in the ON position? ... The spark plug ignites the air-fuel mixture and initiates combustion. ... This may sound like a stupid question but it should be the first thing you ... poulan chainsaws.

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Don't forget your chain saw also has a bar oil reservoir. ... If the weather is hot, and the saw will not start after sitting for 15-30 minutes, the ... If the engine does not start in 15 pulls, the spark plug is probably wet fouled. ... If the saw has cut fine in the past, but now is having problems, it is likely that you have dull...

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Apr 8, 2015 ... It has spark, compression, and new Husqvarna premixed fuel in the tank. ... Poulan Pro ... Representative or Repair Service, just an experimental chainsaw ..... Next day, try starting it, If it does try to start, and fires but won't run ...

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I have a Poulan chainsaw that will not start when it is warm or hot. ... I have replaced the carb., the gas lines, the fuel filter, the spark plug, cleaned the ignition plate ..... The manufacturer knows of this defect but will not fix it in the production line.