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Jellyfish move by floating with the ocean's currents, jet propulsion or by using cilia. Jellyfish typically move deep in the water, though some move in shallow water. Man-o'-wars f...

Jellyfish, or Medusa (plural: medusae), a water-dwelling animal. It is not a fish but a cnidarian, a spineless, soft-bodied animal. The jellyfish is one of two basic body forms that the animal has during its life cycle; the other is called a polyp



Most jellyfish do not have specialized digestive, osmoregulatory, central ... out beyond this, which these jellyfish use to move across the surface of seaweed or ...

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Jun 2, 2011 ... Jellyfish float on ocean currents, but they also swim in a couple of different ways. This post has two videos showing how jellyfish swim.

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<sup>1</sup> Jellyfish. They seem to just be there - bobbing in the water like beachgoers on colorful inflated rafts. Just floating. <sup>2</sup> But jellyfish actually do have a way of ...

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While carried by currents, jellyfish continue to swim and pulsate their bells. ... Most prey are unable to detect even large nearby jellyfish, and so do not flee them.

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Sep 1, 2003 ... There are two ways in which jellyfish move through the water. ... (Researchers do not know how turtles and other predators can eat poisonous ...

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Jellyfish swim by opening and closing a part of their body called the bell, which is the transparent, sack like part of their body that the tentacles hang from.

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Oct 19, 2006 ... These are some jellyfish at the ATL aquarium. ... jellyfish moving slow. bonebearsuit .... How does a jellyfish sting? - Neosha S Kashef ...
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Nov 8, 2006 ... Video of Jellyfish at the Monterey bay Aquarium. ... A swim through Jellyfish Lake, Palau. - Duration: 2:08. ... How does a jellyfish sting?
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Q: How do jellyfish move?
A: When using this website please use common sense. The information provided on this site is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for p... Read More »
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Q: How do jellyfish procreate?
A: In the medusa stage, jellyfish reproduce sexually by, depending on the individual's gender, releasing either eggs or sperm directly into the water. Some open-wa... Read More »
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Q: How do jellyfish reproudoce?
A: Jellyfish reproduction is kind of complex. The medusa (jellyfish) stage is the sexual stage, meaning it reproduces sexually. They broadcast gametes into the oce... Read More »
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Q: How do jellyfish mate.
A: Only some cubozoan jellyfishes mate, having a sort of copulation with some physical contact, however without any true joint or fusion. Most jellyfish release in... Read More »
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Q: Do jellyfish move around or stay in one place.
A: Jellyfish move under their own power and are moved by currents. Read More »
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