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A tongue piercing is a body piercing usually done directly through the center of the tongue. ... as of March 2015. Standard tongue piercings, or one hole in the center of tongue, is the most common and safest way to have tongue pierced.

Dec 16, 2010 ... HOW TO PIERCE YOUR TONGUE SAFELY - INSTRUCTIONAL BODY PIERCING VIDEO ... go wrong, some of them are so bad that they will require a trip to the emergency room. ... This is why you don't do piercings at home.
May 9, 2009 ... 4:40 · Crazy Piercing To Blow Your Mind (part #2) - Duration: 5:27. Tattoo World 1,656,439 views · 5:27. Stacie Getting Her Tongue Pierced!!!


Mar 3, 2016 ... Tongue piercings nearly always get infected. You can pierce yourself if you know where your veins are. The cheapest studio is the same as an ...


Find a business that offers tongue piercings, most tattoo parlors will also do your more exotic piercings. You can look in the phone book, internet directories or ...


Feb 9, 2011 ... First of all, the person piercing your tongue will use a marker to mark the spot on the ... As they are holding onto the tongue, the piercer will stick a thick needle ... Do you have any stories or experiences with tongue piercing?


Includes: • Will it hurt? • What to expect • Be prepared • The long and short of pain • Absolute aftercare • Myths to ignore • At the tip of your tongue.


There are plenty of things you can do before getting your piercing to make it the best ... Get recommendations: Ask other people with tongue piercings about their  ...


Jul 21, 2015 ... The potential for infections as the result of tongue piercing is certainly greater than for piercings elsewhere on the body. In fact, piercing your ...


How long does it take to heal? ... It is a lot LESS painful than biting your tongue It is a little uncomfortable for a couple ... It is one of the fastest healing piercings.