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A woodlouse (plural woodlice), also known by many common names (see below) , is an isopod ... Woodlice in the genus Armadillidium and in the family Armadillidae can roll up ... such as under rocks an...

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Woodlice can live on a very small amount of oxygen, they are specially adapted to live under rocks and logs. They have very small lungs.



Woodlice in the genus Armadillidium can roll up into an almost perfect sphere ... Woodlice need moisture because they breathe through gills, called pseudo trachea, and so are usually found in damp, dark places, such as under rocks and logs.

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Woodlice are small crustaceans—arthropods with a hard, segmented ... found in damp places where there is always moisture, such as under rocks and logs. ... The woodlouse must shed, or moult, its shell-like cuticle as it grows, which it does in ... Woodlice are crustaceans, like crabs, so they breathe through gills—which is  ...

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Nov 10, 2013 ... This is why you find them under leaves, rocks, and logs. ... and closely related to crabs and crayfish, they breathe through gills on the underside of their bodies. ... Pill bugs can roll up to protect themselves but sow bugs can't. ... pill bug, pillbug, roly poly, Woodlouse on November 10, 2013 by Infinite Spider.

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Jun 16, 2016 ... Woodlice are looking for moist places more than they are looking for dark places. ... animals are actually isopod crustaceans and as such they breath throu. ... which is often found under rocks or logs - dark place that are wet.

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Apr 21, 2008 ... Other Names: roly-polies, woodlice, pillbugs, isopods. WHAT IS A ... Sowbugs breathe through plate-like gills located on the underside of the abdomen. ... Pillbugs and sowbugs are not normally pests, but they will sometimes enter buildings. ... Look under logs or rocks in almost any kind of environment.

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Woodlice breath through lungs on their hind legs These lungs must always be kept ... The best places to look for woodlice are damp old cellars, or under rocks and logs. ... Some of these big species can be well kept in a terrarium where they may reach the ... Both types are often found by overturning stones, rocks and logs .

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Feb 14, 2016 ... Weird woodlice guzzle water with their antennae. Written by ... These tiny creatures and others like them hide in the moist earth under rocks and logs to avoid drying out. ... Miners to breathe easier with non-toxic explosives ...

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Jul 3, 2016 ... A female woodlouse will keep fertilised eggs in a marsupium on the underside of her ... Living in a terrestrial environment, woodlice breathe through ... so are usually found in damp, dark places, such as under rocks and logs.
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Woodlice display negative phototaxis, which means they run away from light. This is generally .... How do wood lice breathe under rocks and logs? Answered.

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Woodlice are known by many names including pill bug, armadillo bug, potato bug, and roly-poly. ... Many species can roll up into a small ball the size of a pill ( that's why they're ... Woodlice need moisture because they breathe through gills. This is why they are often found in damp, dark places, like under rocks and logs.

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Jun 25, 2003 ... will find lots of information on their history, predators, physiology, behaviour ... species tend to spend most of their life under logs, stones, bark, decaying ... on the seashore, living amongst crevices in the rocks and under rotting ...