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The tree species Aesculus glabra is commonly known as Ohio buckeye, American buckeye, ... Native Americans would blanch buckeye nuts, extracting the tannic acid for use in making leather. The nuts c...

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Jun 25, 2015 ... The Ohio buckeye tree stands out among the other varieties of the tree ... Drying the buckeye prevents the nut from rotting and preserves its ...

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The Ohio buckeye tree stands out among the other varieties of the tree such as the California ... How to Dry Out Buckeyes thumbnail ..... foraging for nuts/seeds.

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... necklace? Find out how to make a buckeye necklace in this article from HowStuffWorks. ... Dry your buckeye nuts in the sun for a few days. If you want to  ...

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osu: I just recently discovered that we have buckeye trees and I ... Drill fairly large holes (something like a 5/32 or 11/64th drill bit if the nuts are large enough). Let them dry that way for a day or two - at least until any moist areas have dried up ... Do not let go of the nut or you'll burn out your dremel motor (not ...

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Buckeyes are considered good luck. ... and alumni, make them into a garland to decorate your home or use them in a decorative arrangement of fruits and nuts.

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In the African-American hoodoo tradition, a buckeye in the pocket is reputed to ... the air-gaps between the shell and the kernel that you'll find in dried chestnuts.

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Sep 18, 2012 ... I'm talking about the buckeye nuts from Ohio's most beloved tree, the ... a single layer for 2 hours at 200 degrees F. This allows them to dry out.

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Buckeye nuts, the fruit of the buckeye tree, are a staple in the American Midwest. They're ... Usually the nuts are dried out first and then strung into things such as ...

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I bake mine for an hour at 225 degrees. I haven't had any problems. You can also preserve them with spray or just let them dry out for a couple of days.

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If you didn't drill holes through the nuts, they are likely to take longer to dry. To employ a more-natural drying technique, spread the buckeyes out in a single layer ...

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Product Description. Pre-drilled buckeye nuts. Beautiful brown buckeye nuts pre- drilled and ... They have been dried & cleaned and have no cracks, animal bites or mold. They have been sun dried ... stars 3 customer reviews. 4.0 out of 5 stars  ...

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Make crafts from buckeye nuts by stringing them into a necklace, adding colored beads and ... This 45-minute project requires dried buckeye nuts, a drill, a... ... include allowing them to scribble on or paint cut-out construction paper shapes.