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The Difference Between a Broken and Sprained Ankle


See how to tell the difference between a sprain and a fracture. ... If you suspect that you have sprained your ankle, adhere to the so-called RICE protocol – Rest,  ...

How to Identify an Ankle Fracture


Deformity, particularly if there is a dislocation as well as a fracture. A broken ankle may also involve damage to the ligaments. Your physician will order X-rays to ...

Ankle Injuries, Sprains, Strains, and Fractures: Causes and Treatments


Sep 18, 2016 ... Are There Different Signs for Different Ankle Injuries? ... don't have to be an athlete or even a "weekend warrior" to turn your ankle and hurt it.

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Nov 29, 2008 ... Tell the difference between an ankle sprain and a break by evaluating the area for ... How to tell if you sprained or broke your ankle. - Duration: ...

Broken Ankle or Ankle Sprain Symptoms & Signs - eMedicineHealth


Information about broken ankles and sprained ankles. Find out what tests should be ordered if you injure your ankle (broken ankle or sprain).

Broken ankle - NHS Choices


If the injury is not severe it can be difficult to tell if your ankle is broken or just sprained. An X-ray is needed to confirm whether the ankle is broken and help ...

Is it a Sprain? Or a Fracture? - Advancing Your Health Blog


Dec 29, 2010 ... When you injure your ankle, it may be hard to tell whether you've sprained it ( stretched or torn a tendon or ligament) or fractured it (broken a bone). ... If you've hurt your ankle but you're not sure it's serious, a general rule of ...

Broken Ankle: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment - Foot Vitals


... may want to ask your doctor if you have suffered a broken ankle: ... What You Need To Know About A Sprained Ankle ...

Broken ankle/broken foot Symptoms - Mayo Clinic


If you have a broken ankle or broken foot, you may experience some of the following signs and symptoms ... See a doctor if the pain and swelling last for more than two or three days, or if pain interferes with walking ... Any use of this site constitutes your agreement to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy linked below .....

How can I tell if my ankle is broken or sprained? | Reference.com


When a person experiences sudden, severe pain and the ankle becomes deformed, the injury is likely a broken ankle, according to Sports Injury Advice, and ...

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6 Clues Your Ankle is Broken, Not Sprained - The Survival Doctor


Feb 4, 2013 ... Sometimes it's not that easy to tell a sprain from a broken ankle. ... getting your injured ankle checked out when a clinic actually is available.

How to Tell Between a Sprained Ankle and a Broken Ankle ...


Jan 13, 2014 ... Both sprained ankles and broken ankles are painful and result from similar injuries. An ankle ... How to Tell if You Strained Your Knee · How to ...

How to Know if You've Sprained Your Ankle (with Pictures)


Aug 25, 2015 ... How to Know if You've Sprained Your Ankle. An ankle sprain is one of ... In the case of a sprain, your ankle will become swollen, usually immediately. Examine your ankles ..... Determine if a Finger Is Broken. Heal Cuts Quickly ...