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Have them choose a question, type it in, and Peter will amaze everyone in the room. ... In other words, the trick won't work! ... as far as “Peter, please answer the foll”; to get the phrase to say “Peter, please answer the following,” simply press the ...


Feb 10, 2010 ... First, I'm going to show you how the website works for the person off of the street ... don't know the secret behind the site, you'll typically get an answer like this. ... Getting Peter to answer a question doesn't take reverence and ...

Apr 13, 2011 ... You can make a petition by either writing: Peter, please answer the following question: or by using the short sentence: Peter, please answer:


What is the point in entering my own answers? It makes sense if you show it to other people. They will see that Peter is answering to their questions.


Site to play Peter Answers Online and ask anything you want. Peter please ... If the answer is not what you expected, at least you make catharsis and ask again.


Trick to use Peter Answers What is peter answers? Peter answers is a prank website to fool your friends. You can make them believe that peter is predicting f...


Peter Answers is a free, online, interactive fortune telling game in which you guess your friends' secret.


Feb 21, 2007 ... How Peter Answers works like magic ... Once you get the hang of how peteranswers.com works, it won't be long before you run into a little snag ...


Peter Answers, an online virtual tarot game that answers personal questions by supposedly invoking spirit connections, works by using a simple computer trick. ... the person who knows the trick is the only one able to get accurate answers to ...


The "trick" to Peter Answers, which is a virtual tarot site, involves answering ... Note: it is important to type the question before the petition or the trick won't work.