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Leslie is a surname and given name, derived the name of Clan Leslie, ultimately from the placename of Castle Leslie, the clan's historical seat. The name of the castle is probably an anglicizati...

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A female given name, of mostly American usage. [quotations ▽] ... the first half of the 20th century. The female given name is usually spelled Lesley in the U.K. ...

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My name is Lesley. Apparently, my grandmother had an Uncle Leslie, so she insisted that my parents give me the alternative (feminine) spelling, although she  ...

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Also I would have preferred the spelling Lesley--more feminine. ... Here in my school im the only girl named leslie and it makes me happy because im the only  ...

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My name is Lesley, I was named after my grandfather, because I was my mother's first born as I am female the spelling had to be changed accordingly.

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I'd prefer this more as a girls name rather than a boys name. ..... I actually think it works fine on either sex, though I prefer the Lesley spelling on a male. I picture ...

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It's a girl! Based on popular usage, it is 8.773 times more common for Lesley ... Some spelling variations of the name Lesley might be more popular than others.

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Lesly: Learn name meaning, origin, characteristics, popularity and more, here at Oh ... Isles, the spelling Lesley was generally used for girls and Leslie for boys.

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Nov 8, 2010 ... Leslie is the spelling of the name for men and Lesley for women in the UK. In the US ... To me, Tracy is a girls name and Tracey is a boy's name.

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Amazing girl that basically rocks everybody's world. She is totally classy ... Lesley . Feminine name; Scottish in origin; meaning dark grey fortress. Often given to ...