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Aug 11, 2015 ... Yes, they have their faults. If a bill has been through the wash, it may give a false negative, and very sophisticated fakes might still fool them.


Jan 28, 2017 ... If you have a bill in your possession and are unsure of its authenticity, ... There are specific discrepancies that will tell you if the bill is fake. ... out for $10 and $20 bills but presented in numerals on the $5, $50 and $100 bills.


If the person drove to your business, try to get their license ... Tell them you have a counterfeit $100 bill and give them ...

Jul 14, 2014 ... How To Tell If Your New $100 Hundred Dollar Bill Is Real Or Fake. We decided to ... the hallogram is blue what if , its lighf brown is that fake?.


Dec 10, 2015 ... So, if you check these 8 features on a bill, you should be able to quickly ... On the new $100 bills, the inkwell also has color shifting ink, turning ...

Jan 15, 2017 ... How to spot a fake $100 bill - Duration: 6:35. Justin Jensen in Current Events 17,932 views · 6:35 · Have You Looked at Your Paper Money ...


How to identify counterfeit money The U.S. Secret Service is warning retailers and consumers in Connecticut that counterfeit $100 bills are circulating in and ...


Oct 23, 2016 ... Counterfeit cash gets harder to spot: Some telltale signs ... And when Rudnick used a counterfeit-detector pen on the $100 bill the woman paid ...


Oct 8, 2013 ... The country's old Benjamins will be joined Tuesday by a new $100 bill ... It's the first rethink of one of America's most iconic symbols in 17 years. ... Raised printing: If you run your finger along Ben Franklin's shoulder, you'll feel texture. ... of the plates they use to print fake money, an expensive undertaking.


Until getting to a counterfeit detector, here is what you can do by yourself: Inspect the quality of ... You should check if the the color of the serial numbers on the bill match the ... The $5 dollar bill should glow blue; the $10 bill should glow orange; the $20 bill should glow green; the $50 bill should glow yellow; the $100 bill ...