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Use humbler in a sentence | humbler sentence examples


How to use humbler in a sentence. Example sentences with the word humbler. humbler example sentences.

Use definitively in a sentence | definitively sentence examples


Example sentences with the word definitively. definitively example sentences. ... to fifteen members, all of the humbler classes, and was definitively sanctioned in  ...

Use humble in a sentence | humble sentence examples


How to use humble in a sentence. Example sentences with the word humble. humble example sentences.

Humble - Definition for English-Language Learners from Merriam ...


humbler; humblest. <sup>1</sup> humble ... a always used before a noun : given or said in a way that shows you do not think you are better than other people. a humble ...

How can I use "been" or "being" in a sentence? | Reference.com


An example of using both "been" and "being" in a sentence is: "I have been to Paris five times, and I am being considered for the position of ambassador.

Humblest | Define Humblest at Dictionary.com


adjective, humbler, humblest. 1. not proud or ... verb (used with object), humbled, humbling. 6. to lower in condition, ... humbler, noun. humblingly, adverb.

mögen, gern, gefallen – What is the difference | German is easy!


Aug 7, 2013 ... And since she is certainly not the only one to wonder when to use which I figured this calls for a. German is Easy ... At least to me, the difference between those 2 sentences is rather small. Now… ...... might sound humbler.

humble - definition of humble in English | Oxford Dictionaries


Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more from Oxford Dictionaries. ... Used to refer to one's home with an ironic or humorous show of modesty:.

humbler in a sentence
There is a pride, a self-love, in human minds that will seldom be kept so low as to make men and women humbler than they ought to be.
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Humbler dictionary definition | humbler defined


humbler. Use humbler in a sentence. Noun. (plural humblers). One who humbles. ... Probably " Nature " is here employed in a more familiar or humbler sense ...

Humble | Definition of Humble by Merriam-Webster


Editor's note: Humility: Its Use and Meaning ... Examples of humble in a sentence ... Like this latter use of humble, the kind of lowness expressed in the word humility is .... humbler. humblest. 1 : not regarding others as inferior : not overly proud ...

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“Will” is a really common word in the English language, and used in lots of different ways. It's usually a word you hear when you're talking about the future – but it ...