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How to use scarcely in a sentence. Example sentences with the word scarcely. scarcely example sentences.


Usage Note: Scarcely has the force of a negative and is therefore regarded as incorrectly used with another negative, as in I couldn't scarcely believe it.


These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'scarcely.' Views expressed in the ...


SCARCELY: Part of Speech: Adverb of Frequency. Meaning: Hardly. The difference between hardly & scarcely is that SCARCELY IS USED WITH WHEN, ...


English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word " Scarce" in Example Sentences Page 1. www.manythings.org/sentences/words/ ...


Scarcely definition: You use scarcely to emphasize that something is only just true or only just the case . | Meaning ... Example sentences containing 'scarcely'.


Dec 13, 2016 ... 221+20 sentence examples: 1. The city had scarcely changed in 20 years. 2. There was scarcely a tree left standing after the storm. 3. The dog ...


Scarcely definition, barely; hardly; not quite: The light is so dim we can scarcely see. ... This is scarcely the time to raise such questions. 3. ... Usage note. Expand.


Hardly ever, rarely, scarcely and seldom are frequency adverbs. We can use them to refer to things that almost never happen, or do not happen very often.