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Volcanoes erupt due to pressure that the weight of the rocks puts on the magma and forces it to the surface out any available vent or exit provided to it. The magma is in a reservo...

How Does a Volcano Erupt?
A volcano marks a vent where magma, or molten rock, reaches the Earth’s surface in the form of lava and associated materials. While many people envision a conical peak when they think of a volcano, a wide variety of landforms fall into the... More »
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They are sometimes formed within the crater of a previous volcanic eruption, as in ... eruptions, but their lava generally does not flow far from the originating vent.

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Some volcanic eruptions are explosive and other are not. How explosive an eruption is depends on how runny or sticky the magma is. If magma is thin and ...

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Volcanoes are just a natural way that the Earth and other planets have of cooling off and releasing internal heat and pressure. Volcanoes erupt because of ...

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Find out what the earth make-up is, and how extreme pressure build up inside the earth forces molten matter to be expelled out to the surface, causing a volcanic ...

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May 20, 2009 ... Although volcanoes can look different, they're all created because of the same event; magma ... But what's going on, how do volcanoes erupt?

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An extinct volcano is one which has erupted thousands of years ago and there's no possibility of eruption. Why do volcanoes erupt? The Earth's crust is made up  ...

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Jun 29, 2013 ... A quick and fun cartoon lesson about volcanoes. Great for teachers and ... I'm going to take my geography test and now I do not feel nervous!
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Q: How does a volcano erupts?
A: A volcano erupts because the gas in it is trapped which will make it erupt Read More »
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Q: How does a volcano erupt ?
A: Inside the earth is pressurised red hot magma - trying to get out! When it finds a weak spot in the earths crust (usually where the tectonic plates are meeting)... Read More »
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Q: How Does a Volcano Erupt?
A: Sources of Volcanoes. Volcanoes are typically found in two major sites on the planet: at the boundaries of tectonic plates and at so-called “hotspots,” where ma... Read More »
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Q: How does a volcano erupt ?
A: All things move because either energy or pressure. In the case of volcanoes, and what comes out of it, it's pressure. All magma underneath the Earths surface is... Read More »
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Q: How does this volcano erupt?
A: the extremely high temperatures underground melts rock, wich turns to magma, hot air rises so since there is so much pressure on it, it shoots to the surface an... Read More »
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