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The term rate always involves time, so the rate of photosynthesis can be ... that affect the rate of photosynthesis they can do work to try and increase the rate of ...

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Photosynthesis is one of the most remarkable biochemical processes found on Earth and allows plants to ... How Does Carbon Dioxide Affect the Climate?

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Mar 20, 2010 ... Got to do an test soon involving the above question. ... Best Answer: The rate of photosynthesis in relation to temperature forms a bell curve.

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Effects of Temperature on Photosynthesis and CO2 Evolution in Light and ... with increasing temperature, from 20 to 40° and its rate was affected by both light ... In corn which does not evolve CO2 during illumination there was little effect of ...

Factors that affect the rate of photosynthesis


What factor most affects the rate of photosynthesis? ... The main variables which affect photosynthesis are light, water, CO2 concentration and temperature. ... This morning, my garden could do with more warmth - yesterday, it could do with ...

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Graph Showing Effect of Temperature on Rate of Photosynthesis. Chlorophyll Concentration. Back to Top. The concentration of chlorophyll affects the rate of reaction as they absorb the light energy ... Does Frequency Affect Wave Speed.

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So these are three factors affect the rate of photosynthesis - see the three ... Greenhouse carbon dioxide concentration - you do need some ventilation or the  ...

How does temperature affect the rate of photosynthesis?


If the temperature is high, then the photosynthesis rate will be high as well. ... Photosynthesis is created by sunlight and helps plants produce sugars and energy.

How does the level of light affect the rate of photosynthesis?


In photosynthesis, the energy from the sun is used to turn carbon dioxide ... and the temperature is right, light becomes the factor which will affect photosynthesis.

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Photosynthesis Gene expression profile Heat stress Populus simonii ..... If cellular antioxidants do not sufficiently counter the oxidative stress induced by heat ..... Therefore, we chose 14 genes affecting carbon fixation, electronic transfer and ...

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The main factors affecting rate of photosynthesis are light intensity, carbon dioxide concentration and temperature. In any given situation any one of these may ...

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functions for a longer period of time under extreme heat compared with Blue Lake. The CO ... regeneration and starch synthesis affect photosynthesis in the range of 20 to 30°C. But ..... FBPase-catalyzed reaction does not limit the response of.

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Factors affecting photosynthesis. Three factors can limit the speed of photosynthesis: light intensity, carbon dioxide concentration and temperature.