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Soap, water and oil are all made up of molecules. Some molecules are hydrophillic, (hydro=water and philic=loving) these molecules are attracted to water.

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Have you ever wondered how soap cleans? ... part of a soap molecule, its long, nonpolar hydrocarbon chain, does not interact with water molecules. .... for Kids · Chemistry in Everyday Life - Articles, Home Experiments, How Things Work · Lab  ...

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Jun 13, 2014 ... We all use soap. But how does it work? Share on Facebook: http://goo.gl/ oDnOPV Share on Twitter: http://goo.gl/fWlLju Subscribe: ...

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Jun 22, 2016 ... You might think water gets you wet—and it does. But it doesn't get you nearly as wet as it might. That's because it has something called surface ...

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How Does Soap Identify Dirt. At first glance it would appear that soap has properties that allow it to discern dirt from everything else. In fact, the reality is that soap ...

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Jun 21, 2012 ... Many of us wash our hands with soap and water, but how much work is the soap really doing?

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Soaps are cleaning agents that are usually made by reacting alkali (e.g., sodium ... Surfactants work by reducing the surface tension of water, allowing the water ...



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Oil and water don't normally mix. When you get grease or oil on your hands, it is not easy to wash them off with water alone. This is because water molecules ...

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Jan 8, 2015 ... So how does the soap actually work to remove the offending microbes if it doesn't kill them? When you wash your hands with regular (as ...

How Does Soap Work?
Soap molecules are made of long chains of hydrogen atoms and carbon. The molecules have two distinct ends, and each plays an important role in the cleaning process. One end of the soap molecule is hydrophilic, or water soluble. This means it mixes... More »
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How does soap work? We showed you how to make a soap sculpture. It looks pretty cool, but do you know how soap works? Try this experiment to find out.

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Soap molecules using jsmol -- How does Soap Clean.

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A look at how soap is made with the science of Chemistry. ... You can see surface tension at work by placing a drop of water onto a counter top. The drop will hold its shape and will not ... Soap film does not rinse away easily. It tends to remain ...