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Windex is the brand name of a glass and hard-surface cleaner manufactured since 1933. S. C. Johnson acquired Windex in 1993 and has been manufacturing it ...


Introduction. Windex has long been the cleaner of choice for many people when it comes to removing stains and dirt from windows and glass. This is because ...


What can I do to get my windows and glass surfaces really clean? Spray your favorite .... How does the Windex™ Outdoor All-in-One Glass Cleaning Tool work ?


Jun 5, 2009 ... how do the chemicals make it work? ... I believe windex is alcohol based, Which evaporates very quickly leaving no smears or marks. Alcohol is ...


Jul 2, 2014 ... ... and surface cleaner. See what Windex can do! ... double the work! Spray the cleaner on the stain, let it sit and work for 15 minutes, then wash.


Aug 2, 2012 ... Every time we use windex we close our eyes to the reality that it doesn't work that well. And on the rare occasions that it does, a day later the tell ...


Mar 19, 2015 ... Well, it can do lot more than just clean windows. ... 10 Things You Didn't Know Windex Could Do ... But a spritz of Windex can work wonders.


Windex works as bug spray for ants, flies, stinkbugs and most other creepy ... Lightly spray the cleaner on a paper towel (do not soak the paper towel with ...


Jul 12, 2016 ... It's probably “kills” through the action of detergents and by changing the ionic ... Life's work since then. ... How does kanamycin kill bacteria?


I'm Thinking spring and was at Home Depot yesterday looking at the window cleaning supplies and saw a bottle of Windex Outdoor Glass Cleaner. This is the  ...