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The Franklin stove is a metal-lined fireplace named after Benjamin Franklin, who invented it in .... Desaguliers again briefly described Gauger's fireplaces and mentioned his own work on the subject. ... the smoke could enter the chimney; consequently, the smoke cooled too much and the stove did not have a good draft.


The Franklin stove, invented in 1742, is a metal-lined fireplace that stands in the ... others by any Invention of ours, and this we should do freely and generously. ... after assuming a good deal of my Pamphlet, and working it up into his own, and ...


Designed to be used in an already existing hearth, it did not resemble what are now called Franklin stoves. The plan was probably a development of an earlier ...


The Franklin Stove was the very first version of a modern wood fireplace insert created ... Benjamin did research to discover how to improve fireplaces after realizing that many ... Franz Kessler was one of the people whose work inspired Ben.


Mar 10, 2006 ... Fascinating facts about the invention of the Franklin Stove by ... Since smoke rises, this made it impossible for his original stove to work properly. ... others by any invention of ours; and this we should do freely and generously".


The traditional Franklin stove features a U-shaped flue (often called an inverted siphon) that .... Catalytic combustors operate in stoves much like they do in cars.


With the 1739 invention of the Franklin Stove, Ben Franklin hoped to solve the ... to work the air siphon had to be kept warm, which Franklin unfortunately did not ...


They did so, despite the fact that it required an extraordinary amount of wood and was even ... Despite this, today this version is called the “Franklin stove.


Nov 6, 2013 ... Although the Ben Franklin Stove did not work out as he had imagined, his effort was noble and his audacity to change something so central to ...


Type of wood-burning stove, invented by Benjamin Franklin (c. 1740), that was used to warm frontier dwellings, farmhouses, and urban homes for more than 200  ...