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how important is the physique of a man? Free Dating, Singles and ...


My experience has taught me that girls could give two craps and a hollar less ... Although the body seems to be much more important to men, women ... A man that works out regularly and takes good care of himself watches ...

Do You Prefer A Woman's Face Or Body? - AskMen


Feb 1, 2006 ... Are bodies really that important when we're looking for Miss Right? ... From a young man's viewpoint, a woman's body is oftentimes defined solely by her breasts ... 20 Things That Separate Great Couples From Good Ones.

Girls: how important is a guy's body? | Yahoo Answers


Are nice abs and pecs on a guy just as important as a nice butt and boobs are on a girl? I know that men obsess over women's bodies; ...

How much does a man's body matter to women? - Quora


In my experience, how you look actually has very little to do with how successful you are in ... Also, say a guy was really short like 5'5 and had a pretty nice body with a decent face. Would that do ... In fact, they're likely the single most important factor you can have. ... What part of the male body do girls enjoy looking a...

guys, how important is a girl's hair for you? : Body Dysmorphic ...


I don't care much about a girls hair. ... A face that's fun to look at and nice smelling hair is much more important to me than how you style it.

Girls: What is more important in a guy, face or body? - Quora


Face, definitely ... When attracting girls is it better to build your body or get a pretty face? ... What is more important, a pretty face or good body? Do girls prefer a ...

How important is a woman's figure to a man? - Quora


So, this is a hard lesson for everyone. For both women and men. It's easy enough to say that .... So it's easier for a fit and good looking person to find more people who will think of them romantically. But if you find some other ... The most important thing in a woman is then the person inside the body. Your mind will colour ...

Seriously GUYS how important are looks, body type,etc to you ...


body type,, proportion -- do they look like a woman looks,, there ... A woman's appearance is important to her and she does her best to make herself attractive to the men of the world. .... nothing better than a nice thin sexy girl.

What REALLY makes a woman want to sleep with a man? - Daily Mail


Sep 23, 2009 ... What sort of body does a woman find desirable? .... a good sense of humour - is equally, if not more, important in generating a sexual spark.

Do girls prefer a hot body or a handsome face? - Quora


Attractive face to draw me in (but then personality to hook me!). I was a competitive athlete all ... Girls: What is more important in a guy, face or body? ... Do girls prefer a person with good character or a person who is looking handsome?