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Radioactive tracer


A radioactive tracer, or radioactive label, is a chemical compound in which one or more atoms have been replaced by a radioisotope so by virtue of its radioactive decay it can be used to explore the...

BBC - GCSE Bitesize: Uses of radiation


Radioactive substances that emit beta radiation or gamma radiation are used as tracers in industry and hospitals. They're used to find out what is happening ...

BBC - GCSE Bitesize: Uses of radiation


Radioactive americium releases alpha radiation, which ionises the air inside the ... Beta radiation is used for tracers and monitoring the thickness of materials.

Uses of Radioactivity, Beta Radiation in Leak Detection - Pass My ...


The area above ground where a high intensity of beta radiation is detected will pin point the ... Sodium 24 is an example of a radioisotope used in leak detection.

GCSE PHYSICS - How is a Radioactive Tracer used in Medicine ...


Radioactive tracers can be used in medicine to detect internal bleeding. ... beta emitter or a gamma emitter because both of these can penetrate body tissue and be detected ... An alpha emitter cannot be used because the alpha particles

GCSE PHYSICS - What is a Radioactive Tracer? - How is a ...


Radioactive tracers can be used in industry to detect leaks in pipes. ... How are Radioactive Tracers used in Industry? A leak in ... Alpha and beta radiation would

Radioisotopes in Medicine - World Nuclear Association


In some cases radiation can be used to treat diseased organs, or tumours. ... nuclear medicine use radioactive tracers which emit gamma rays from within the body. ... Lu-177 is essentially a low-energy beta-emitter (with some gamma) and the ...

Alpha, beta and gamma radiation - penetration, uses and dangers


For the moment we'll say that alpha and beta radiation consist of tiny particles, .... Simulation of how a gamma tracer can be used to find a leak in an oil pipeline.

Medical Physics and Radioactivity


Atoms which emit electromagnetic radiation or a particle by the spontaneous ... Beta Particle (β) ... Radioactive tracers can be used to see how well organs in.

Radioactivity : Tracers in Medicine


The emissions of radiations by such atoms allow to follow the path or the metabolism of ... Beta-plus (positron ) emitters are used in the field of 'positron emission ...

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BBC - GCSE Bitesize: Uses of radiation in medicine


Nuclear radiation is used in medicine to sterilise equipment, to help in ... Radioactive tracers are used to investigate a patient's body without the need for surgery. ... to detect any gamma rays or beta particles that pass out of the patient's body.

Uses of Radioactivity, Beta Radiation in Thickness Control - Pass My ...


A radioactive source producing beta radiation is used to control the thickness in the manufacturing ... Short half life radioisotopes for tracer use and radiotherapy.

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How can we use alpha particle radiation, beta particle radiation and gamma radiation? ... Radioactive tracers can be used to diagnose some medical conditions.