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Chocolate Listen/ˈtʃɒkᵊlᵻt/ is a typically sweet, usually brown food preparation of Theobroma cacao seeds, roasted and ground, and often flavored with vanilla. It is made ...

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Jan 23, 2010 ... How they make chocolate. ... Hershey's chocolate making process. Nohemy Cerrato ... How Its Made 2,921,176 views. 6:55. Watch how Mars ...

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Some people might use the liquid chocolate in candies or cookies or ice cream, ... When all your friends ask how is chocolate made you can tell them all about it.

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Chocolate is the product of a long, complicated refining process that begins with the bean pods of the Theobroma cacao tree. Theobroma cacao literally means ...

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May 13, 2011 ... Hundreds of years ago, the ancient Aztecs, who ruled Mexico until the 1500s, were drinking chocolate. They made a spicy drink called xocoatl ...

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Feb 12, 2015 ... The ingredients list for Nestle's Butterfinger candy bars shows that the crispy bar's coating is not made of real chocolate: the candy contains ...

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See how the Hershey plant in West Hershey, PA produces a variety of favorite chocolate products.

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Jan 5, 2016 ... The best chocolate for candy making is high quality on its own. You can't ... Edible as is, cocoa nibs are typically made into chocolate liquor.

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Now maybe you could argue it's a fruit since it's made from the fruit of the cacao tree.............but it's classified as a vegetable. Not only is chocolate a vegetable, ...

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Hershey chocolate bars are made in Hershey, Pennsylvania, in the world's largest chocolate factory. The process of making Hershey bars begins with the cocoa ...

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Background. Chocolate, in all of its varied forms (candy bars, cocoa, cakes, cookies, coating for other candies and fruits) is probably America's favorite confection ...

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As a child, my first chocolate candy bar I ever had the honor of biting into was called "Seven Up" made by Pearson Candy Company in At. Paul, Minnesota.