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Chocolate comes from cacao beans. A series of automated machines roast, crack, press, and temper cacao to create chocolate, cocoa powder, and cocoa butter.
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Chocolate /ˈtʃɒklɪt, -kəlɪt/ ( About this sound listen) is a typically sweet, usually brown food preparation of Theobroma cacao seeds, roasted and ground. It is made in the form of a liquid, paste, or in a block, or used as a flavoring ...


Find out in Lake Champlain Chocolates' step-by-step guide -- from ... And our Blue Bandana Chocolate Bars are made with directly sourced cacao from ...


... made?" find this out and more at Facts About Chocolate. ... When all your friends ask how is chocolate made you can tell them all about it. Learn more from  ...

Nov 29, 2009 ... Find out how chocolate is made. The chocolate production process begins with shelling and roasting fine cacao beans.


A short overview of how chocolate is made from bean to bar. Each step in the process is crucial to entice the best flavor from the bean. Chocolate processing ...


Watch the How Chocolate is Made video clip of HISTORY's series Modern Marvels'. Find this and many more videos only on HISTORY.


If you ever wondered how is chocolate made and where does it come from, this page will help solve the mystery of how the cocoa beans turns into chocolate.


Nov 28, 2016 ... Chocolate is the product of a long, complicated refining process that begins with the bean pods of the Theobroma cacao tree. Theobroma ...


Nov 7, 2016 ... Chocolate making is a complex process of fermenting, drying, roasting, and then processing cocoa beans from the Theobroma Cacao tree.